[CLOSED] Palm Springs Summer Getaway @ MMTJ - 161200ZJUL16

The summer is here and the Californian blue skies invite us for a scenic flight bordering America’s most famous coastline. After a turn north from Mexican airspace, we will fly over Mission Bay all the way towards Huntington Beach. Heading mainland, we will descend to Ontario International Airport RWY 08L for a touch-and-go and finally, we will set course to an Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) at RWY 31L in beautiful Palm Springs, California.

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: MMTJ

Aircraft: Embraer 190 / Airbus A318 / Boeing 717-200 / Boeing 737-700 / Dash 8 Q400

Time: 1200Z - 8 a.m EDT - 1 p.m BST - 8 p.m HKT - 5 a.m PDT

Date: Saturday, July the 16th

NOTAM: It is imperative that you strictly follow all IF Live’s rules. Comply with recommended speed and altitude profiles. Do not exceed 550 kts ground speed below 40.000 ft.
I’ll be on gate 10 mins before start time so that you may copy the flight plan. Also, please specify the type of aircraft you will be in.

Departure gates:

13 - Temidayo_Ekundayo
14 - @Lin_Yifan
15 - Jack_W_Satterfield
16 - @owen_fitzpatrick
3- Sundayflyer
4- @Aadit
5 - @SkyHighGuys
6 - Mix56awesome
7 - @Nicholas_L
8 - @Adrian_Esplana
9 - @Vardaan_Mathur
10 - @turkish534
11 - @Trey_R-K
12 - @elisua
Flight Plan:

Approach notes:

In order to guarantee a steady flow on approach, please take into account the following parametres:

RNAV (RNP) Y Rwy 31L

Recommended approach profile

Finally, don’t forget to capture screenshots of the event and keep the blue side up :)


Now this is a great organized event :-) This should be like an example for other users.
Good work!


How do I pick what gate I want to use ?

Just let me know and I’ll edit the thread ;)

Wow. It looks like you put a ton of effort into this. Excellent job. I hope I can attend.


I’ll take gate 16 in an A318. What time is it at. Sorry I don’t completely understand. GMT :)

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What time zone are you?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Eastern Daylight Time

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GMT = ZULU time. So, it would be 12 o clock in your time zone ;)

Will this be tomorrow ? I probably sound like an idiot hahaha. Thanks

Next Saturday

Okay great. looking forward to it

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i wll take the Gate 10…

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I’ll take gate 4

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I dont know if i can attend… I will ley you know my gate like in wednesday it thursday if i can attend, I will be a 737-700 southwest

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EST = GMT minus 4

@elisua Hope you can join :)

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You’re welcome, Nico

8am, Miami time?