[CLOSED] Overnight ATC Connections #2 @ RJAA - 112200ZFEB18


Aircraft + Livery: Air New Zealand 787-9
Time of Departure: 2200Z 2019-02-11T22:00:00Z
Server: Expert

Join me where we will be flying in between the two main ATC hubs (Today’s and tomorrow’s). Tonight, we will be flying from Tokyo Narita (RJAA) to Auckland (NZAA) in the Air New Zealand 787-9. We will be departing off Runway 34L in Tokyo and we will be flying across the southwestern Pacific Ocean, passing just to the east of the Solomon Islands before crossing the northern part of New Zealand’s North Island on descent into Auckland - we will be landing on Runway 23L.

Essential Flight Information:
Estimated Flight Time: 9H 49M
Flight Plan: RJAA CUPID SUNNS RENAU 3358N/14208E ADKAK DAGDA BEGAD TONIK KAKNI SEGRO 2100N/15344E 1500N/15700E 1000N/15900E 500N/16100E 330N/16136E 000S/16300E 500S/16400E 922S/16522E SCRUZ LEGOT LEDIT SADIM RUMUS DUGAN 3501S/17415E EXOPI AA417 STORK AA418 EMRAG NZAA

Fuel Required: 61909kgs/136486lbs
Passengers: 292
Cargo: 1300kg/2866lbs
Cruise Altitude: 35000ft (Step Climb to 37000ft@2100N/15344E and 39000ft@05S/164E


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I’m so happy atc on expert server has finally come to Australia and New Zealand, great event post!


Yeah - I agree. Would you been able to join me or not? It’s fine if you can’t.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to join this morning but I should be fkying tonight!
I might see you there 😁