[Closed] Over to Istanbul @KLAX 230100ZMAR20

Over to Istanbul!


Event Details

Route: KLAX - LFTM
Aircraft: 777-300er
Livery: Turkish Airlines
Server: Expert

We will be simulating this flight

Departure Time

ETD from KLAX: 2020-03-24T01:00:00Z
Approximate flight time: 13 hrs

Users participating

@Southwest0012 might come

PM will be created closer to flight departure

Thanks for viewing this thread


Hope to see you there

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Sure if you want, I’m fine with that although it’s preferred to use the actual 777

Ok Then, I’ll see if I can come

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I’ll come!

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Great! I’ll add you to the list

BTW my game tends to crash right before approach.

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It has happened the past 4 times i have done long haul

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Don’t worry, I suggest turning all graphics to low once we’re cruising

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Alright, hopefully all goes well!

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Um, I don’t know if I’m gonna come over there because it is already 8:30 PM and I have to fly from KSTL to KLAX in order for me to attend the group flight, if not, enjoy it

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I recommend to restart your device before you do a long haul

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Yeah, I’m going to clear the cache and give it a good restart

Are we spawning in at 9?

In 15 minutes, recommend to start spawning in now

Let’s get into the game! But what about the park?

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Sorry for bailing out on you

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