[Closed] Oshkosh Prop Race @ KOSH - 281700ZMAR16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Oshkosh

Aircraft: All props (P-38, Spitfire MKVIII, and Super Decathlon included) NO BOMBARDIER DASH 8 Q400!

Airport: KOSH

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: In this event, we will be racing each other from KOSH to KUES. When we all line up on the runway, I will announce takeoff, which is your signal to begin the race. We will be using only prop aircraft. Use what ever flight plan you would like. First to land at KOSH is the winner. I will also do a race from KUES to KOSH for those up to it. Same rules apply. Remember to try to take some pictures!

For those who wish to be spectators and photographers instead of racers: Come in any aircraft to take pictures at KOSH or KUES!

Note: Time and date can change. Notices will be given.


This is my type of event! Count me in!


I might go.


I wonder what gave you this idea?

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Um…The race we just had, remember?

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CLOSED MARCH 16 is already over

I was joking about. Lol


MAR16 is March 2016.

Not sure how I would do…haven’t practiced very much with the Spitfire or the Lightning, but I’ll check into it and get back to you!😊

You can use any type of prop, just not the Dash 8. :)

First one to the pattern over Oshkosh wins?

First one to land as KUES wins. :)

Pardon my ignorance, but doesn’t the control tower have to sequence all of the incoming flights?

Free Flight Server has no ATC…

Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize what server that was on. That will prove to be interesting!😆

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I have one more question…just for clarification. Is it from KOSH to KUES and back?

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Only, for those who would like it. Same thing: I announce takeoff, you begin the race, and land at KOSH.

I had the same problem as you and thought every event was closed but then I realised that 16 is 2016 :), you can thank me later :D

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Why not? 😭

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This is great! I bet spitfire will touch the runway first