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You did a great job! I just flew as JetBlue 1026 :)
My only criticism would be when you issued my “I’ll call your base” you then gave me a “enter right base” command. Enter commands are simply for someone entering the air traffic pattern. As I was already in the air traffic pattern, a simple “Turn base” command would have been good. Other then that great job sequencing, I overherd your runwaynchange command which sounded good. Keep up the good work and you should be controlling with us in no time :)


You were already in the pattern. I’ve been told countless times by controllers not to continually say what traffic to follow after cleared for the option. You clear the, for say right traffic then you just clear them for as many “options” as they desire. So the reason I only told you once was because I had already cleared your pattern work.
But thank you A,erican 2016 for stopping by :) it was truly enjoyable

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I apologize. I was assuming you would just continue whatever traffic I had assigned you on e original runway. I’ll log that down though at when a pilot requests a runway change to give them the pattern work as well. Thank you for your efforts :)


Haha thank you those words make me blush with joy!! It has been my dream to join you guys :)

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And I feel like I’m finally getting the hand of sequencing.

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No problem

Sequencing was my toughest thing to learn while controlling. Gets even more crazy when you have lots of inbounds. Now I have a great handle on it. I’ll keep an eye out for your Training server openings and try my best to swing by and do some touch and gos

Just to clear up I need to issue pattern work after runway change?

When they request a runway change you need to issue a pattern entry command for that runway

Also, instruct them which way to make traffic as you may be having them make a different traffic pattern from the new runway

Yeah I’m hoping to gradually ease towards more busy regions to see if it works. But for now I’m isolating myself on purpose to where only a max of 10 aircraft at any time will ever be inbound departing or taxing lol.
But thank you so much it means a lot to me that you came out :)! I plane on doing some controlling tonight and possibly tomorrow morning as well. Like I said I need as much experience as I can before I even think about contacting a mod or someone for testing

Okay I’ll remember that for sure. Once again thank you so much for coming out.

There are also some amazing scouts available who will be able to give you some more detailed assistance in getting ready for the practical. Check out the scout thread

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Where is that? And I need to head out to work so I’ll talk later but if you could post the thread here that would go a long way

I meant when I changed to runway 26 but if I’m wrong you did nothing wrong that I can remember

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So, here is my feedback for you:

  • If any aircraft asks a RWY change, do not clear it directly, give the aircraft a enter pattern instruction with sequencing if necessary.
  • Contact aircrafts once they’re 25nm away from your airport.
  • Use the “exit runway” command at around 70-80 knots. I didn’t receive anything.
  • If possible, respond quicker.
  • The airport wasn’t really busy, so I couldn’t check this point but, in the future, use sequencing. It will help you a lot.

I’m sure a scouter will help you to get better and better, just ask nicely and I’m sure someone will help. I’m looking forward to see you controlling the skies of the Expert server :-)
//ATC Specialist (IFATC Adrien)


I am going to be doing some more controlling tonight if ya’ll are interested :) going to be practicing some more. If you could leave you thoughts in the comments below after the end. I need all the advice and criticism I can! Thank you guys my family :)

Feel free to take pictures too :)

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