[Closed] Opening @KDEN

Tomorrow at 1400Z I will be controlling on Training Server 2 @ KDEN! If anyone is interested or desires a different airport comment below or pm me!
I am so excited by the feedback I got today from some known controllers. JoshFly8 himself said I did really well. I’m taking this new found love for controlling to a new level and planing to put in a request to become IFATC soon.
But before that can happen I am going to be controlling a lot more then I fly and I need your help. So if you are willing again just comment below, PM me, or simply show up tomorrow.


Runways 17R and 17L used for departures ONLY!
Runways 16R and 16L used for inbound traffic.
Runways 07 and 08 used only if outbound/inbound traffic becomes to heavy

Please also note that even if the winds change it doesn’t change that runways slotted use. So if 17R becomes 35L for departures then so be it lol. Please keep in mind the Runway configs while determining your flight plan and spawning points

Thank you and I hope to see hundreds of our thousands member community. If anyone else would like to accompany me and open APPR and Departure I would appreciate that as well. See you tomorrow for some flying :)


I’m heading in if anyone wants to accompany me :) sorry for being late I had internet issues

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It’s on the Training Server 2 where it is less hectic lol. I’ll be there for about 45 minutes! Bring me some airplanes guys 😬

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Where did you go?

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Hey :-)
I just came to fly six minutes (callsign: HB-ZRH). I will give you a little feedback in the next hours as I’m going swimming right now (that’s why I couldn’t taxi to parking). Thanks for the service.
//ATC Specialist (IFATC Adrien)

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No problem I hope it was not to bad 😬

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I’m not able to switch freq @55m out

You did well I was seeing if you would tell me to hold position and you did ( I was American 2016 Heavy) My only criticism was that you never told me where to enter the pattern but apart from that you did well.

Read my PM please.
I would have come but I don’t have the Denver region :(

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I requested a runway change and you didn’t Rolf me where to enter the pattern that is it.

If I remember well, you did patterns on RWY 17R; if this is true, everything was right because you were already in the pattern.

You did a great job! I just flew as JetBlue 1026 :)
My only criticism would be when you issued my “I’ll call your base” you then gave me a “enter right base” command. Enter commands are simply for someone entering the air traffic pattern. As I was already in the air traffic pattern, a simple “Turn base” command would have been good. Other then that great job sequencing, I overherd your runwaynchange command which sounded good. Keep up the good work and you should be controlling with us in no time :)


You were already in the pattern. I’ve been told countless times by controllers not to continually say what traffic to follow after cleared for the option. You clear the, for say right traffic then you just clear them for as many “options” as they desire. So the reason I only told you once was because I had already cleared your pattern work.
But thank you A,erican 2016 for stopping by :) it was truly enjoyable

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I apologize. I was assuming you would just continue whatever traffic I had assigned you on e original runway. I’ll log that down though at when a pilot requests a runway change to give them the pattern work as well. Thank you for your efforts :)


Haha thank you those words make me blush with joy!! It has been my dream to join you guys :)

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And I feel like I’m finally getting the hand of sequencing.

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No problem

Sequencing was my toughest thing to learn while controlling. Gets even more crazy when you have lots of inbounds. Now I have a great handle on it. I’ll keep an eye out for your Training server openings and try my best to swing by and do some touch and gos

Just to clear up I need to issue pattern work after runway change?

When they request a runway change you need to issue a pattern entry command for that runway