Hey guys I got my practical test coming up and I just want to get a little practice in with good pilots. I’ll be at Augusta Regional in Charlotte region for about an hour or so. I would appreciate any help and feedback. Thanks

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If I had the London region I’d come do some TnG’s. ):

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I wish I could come but sadly can’t. Good luck on your practical test, nonetheless! :)

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I’m gonna see how it goes. If nobody shows up I will move to another region.

Sounds good!

I moved into the Charlotte region. KAGS

Don’t see anyone in there but I’ll wait!

I’m coming, ZK-NOP in a Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER (All Blacks livery)

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Sounds good. See you there!

You weren’t there.

Wrong server

That was fun, but I crashed on takeoff

Yeah maybe the 777 is a bit too big for this airport. Get another aircraft and give it a go

I saw that, you need to keep that speed going, you were trying to rotate at 140kts with a 15 degree pitch lol.

Thanks for controlling bud! It was fun, sorry for some of my mistakes, like when I first joined the server and taxied the wrong way lol.


Coming in C208, FedEx, same callsign.

I had the thrust set to MCT (Maximum Continuis Thrust) like in the real world, and my weight was set to %74.

Thanks for coming

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