Hey guys,
ATC at KSAN on TS1 will be open for a little bit. If you do not mind, please stop by to give me some constructive criticism.

I’ll come. Callsign “VIRUS”

I see you in an F-14

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If your callsign is N936OC I cannot let you push back, not giving me any options for you.

You need to sequence me behind grivpac


  1. If an aircraft is not first in the pattern, you need to sequence it behind the aircraft in front of it. Something like, “Callsign, number 2, behind the traffic on final” This ensures each aircraft inbound or in the pattern knows who to follow.
  2. I was never given proper landing clearance even after I reported myself final.

The greatest thing you need to work on is how to sequence aircraft. You also need to be more aware of your airspace. If you plan on becoming IFATC, i suggest you watch Tylers ATC tutorials on YouTube. Overall you didnt do that great, but practice makes perfect. Good luck. 👍

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[Closed] Open,

wait I don’t get it lol…

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