I am just controlling for a little bit over at KDAB. If you have the time please stop by to give me some constructive criticism.

Sorry guys, it appears there is a glitch at KJAX, lets move to KDAB

Don’t forget to edit the body of your post to KDAB too :)

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I love KDAB! I would come if I wasn’t controlling already!

I like it too, one of my favorite small airfields.

I see u at VIDP … Can u stay there please foe 20 more minutes

I’ll be here for at least 40 more min

Ok good because im almost near VIDP… ill be landing in 20 minutes

You still active on tower?

Yes, I am still on tower.

Fantastic job. Only thing to maybe take note on is to issue a new pattern entry when I requested to change to 07L. ‘TF-ISK, enter left downwind 07L.’ and after, ‘TF-ISK, number 1, rwy 07L, cleared for the option, after option make left traffic.’

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