[CLOSED] Olympics Opening Ceremony @ KSAN - 272200ZDEC15

Server: Free Flight

Region: SoCal

Airport: KSAN - KLAX

Time: 2200Z

If you are on a team you need to be here at 2145Z to assemble

NOTAM: An escort team and @Thomas_Galvin will lead the countries to KLAX, the Olympic home airport. There will be spacing in between each country. After the counties parade, the route will be open to spectators and people that are not part of a country/team. This shouldn’t be a problem but, anyone that doesn’t follow these instructions will be removed.

After you RSVP do not change your display name, or you will not be let in

Edit: I have received a couple questions asking what day this is, it is in the title. The day is Sunday December 27th

Any questions? PM me:)


Carson , when do we find out what time the event will take place ?

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Whenever the team leaders decide they want to send in the rosters and times:) Please see the chat, thanks!

Dangit, I really wish I could be in this.

That’s too bad. If you have something to do this time, there will be a lot more events to come!

Dammm …

Most countries have diffirent time zones than us at Team Australia !

I wouldn’t wanna ruin my sleep 😴 because of another country 😎

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You could come and spectate if you want …

Watch the hard work and effort these Teams have put in

I’m sorry, you have to understand every time won’t work for all. Please send in your preferred time though. Don’t worry the other events that will be judged will have multiple times, so all can participate:)

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I was on Team USA, but my phone was taken away and I don’t know when I’ll get it back. I have 50 bucks right now for Live+.


Sorry to hear that but, if you do get your phone back please join!

Sure thing! I just hope my Team USA leader will at least let me into Slack. Lol

So that’s why i havent heard from you

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Anddd there he is…


Please PM me that information, along with your roster:)

Olympic server? Where?

Welcome to the forum😂 Sign up and you’ll see it next week!

I’m here since august 17…
But i havent read all Olympics posts

Ikik you’ve been here a while I was just messing with you.
I talk all about it in the below:)

Ah the bread and butter route of Infinite Flight. LAX-SAN…


Haha, a classic