[CLOSED] Olympic Server Form

As most of you know we are having an Infinite Flight Olympics this year. The devs were kind enough to supply us with our own server, but to have access to this server you have to RSVP. This server is experimental and is not garenteed to work since this is the first time they’re trying something like this. If you are part of a team or just want to spectate, or participate in some events that are not team specific, please fill out the form below to gain access to this server.

For everyone that’s not on a team, you can put in “spectator” for when it asks for your team. Just because you are a spectator doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to participate if you would like.

Once you enter your display name, do not change it or the script will not let you in!

There is nothing you can lose and there are no commitments if you sign up, you don’t even have to go, just fill it out so you have the option if you want to

We are looking forward to a successful Olympics. The opening ceremony is on the 27th, everyone can participate, stay posted for more info. Hope to see you all there, thanks:)

I don’t think this will be a problem, but if you deliberately try to interfere with any events you will be removed

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM


we were told that this has a 99% chance of happening. Just so you guys know. There is a tiny possibility that it won’t.


If you guys don’t RSVP, you can’t view the Olympics…

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I don’t know how to record stuff for iOS…but this is definitely the perfect opportunity for screenshots!

Is this used for training?

You can’t access it yet, so no:)

Once you submit your display name,…DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT CHANGE IT…You will not be entered into the server if you do…you have been warned!

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Submitted. Not committing to participate but may drop in to spectate since you’re putting so much effort into this.

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Carson, can you delete my entry? I was told by my team leader not to submit until allowed. Of course, I submitted before he said this :P

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I’ll leave you in there, just don’t submit again!

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Just might need to change the callsign. I feel really stupid right now

Don’t worry we will give everyone on a team a callsign

Please note, you cannnnnot change your display name after you submit it…you will not be entered in. After the scrip is run, and we tell you, change it to the one we give you.


I never change it anyway, but I’ll keep that in mind 😉

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Moved to events, everyone can sign up now!

Can you please change the callsign on my response to American 4?

we will sort out call signs later:)

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If you are in a team you don’t have to do anything, right?