[Closed][OLYMPIC EVENT 2] Air Race! Nick_Art bags the cup!

Ladies and Gentlmen boys and girls, welcome to the second Infinite Flight Olympic event! This week will we have an air race, Each team will compete for the fastest time around our track…start your engines racers!

We will have a set course for you to follow. We are only allowing ONE racer per team, that means there will be a total of 9 racers. Grab your jets and fly faster than the speed of sound in an attempt to take the gold medal. Each racer will be timed, we will send out the competitors one at a time (or in intervals) so we will have the ability to keep track. There will be a controller in the starting tower (KLAX) clearing you for takeoff when it is your turn. You may fly low, fly high, whatever you think is fastest. We suggest you experiment with different tactics before the event.

Official Rules

  1. One racer per team
  2. You MUST land the plane, without crashing, overrunning, skidding off or any other thing on the correct runway.
  3. If you crash in flight, you are eliminated. (We will be keeping track, do not try and cheat!)
  4. There will be a judge, lined up about halfway down the runway. You must pass him for your time to be stopped. Do not forget!
  5. Do not take off without receiving the cleared for takeoff command.
  6. The course may be used backwards, depending on the weather. Be familiar with both ways!
  7. If you venture to far off the flight plan, you will be eliminated. ( this will be shown on the the photo below)
  8. Once you land you are automatically cleared to taxi, and park. Once you spawn, please taxi right to the runway we are using…( will be announced once we find out the weather)


There will be several judges.

  1. A judge will be in the tower, clearing for takeoff, etc.
    2 a judge will be always in map view looking fo see if anybody is to far off the course, and keeping an eye out for crashing.
  2. 3 judges will be in charge of timing.

A total of 5 judges will be needed each time

There will be two different times…TIMES: 2000z and 900z Saturday night and Sunday morning!

All of this will be on the Olympic server, if you have problems with the the server please PM me.

Scoring will be as such
Best time (first place) gets 10 points
Second best gets 9
Third gets 8
and so on.
If you crash, run off the runway, or break rules, you will get 0 points.

If you have questions, please comment below!

The red lines near LAX by the flight plan show how far you are allowed to be from the course…outside that and you are eliminated. Also, you takeoff and land at different runways so we can work with the weather. We may decide to start from the other side, depending on the weather. Once you come into land, you are allowed to use the ILS…that means you can go from the course a little bit, only once you enter the localizer though.

EDIT: every time the pilot trays to far from the course it’s +1 minute to their time.


@Yna @LSZH34, @Nick_Art lets go !!!
discuss them in MP on slack or IFC


aircraft restrictions? altitude restrictions?

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No aircraft restrictions, You can fly on any Altitude

only restriction is to flying in the correct flightpath

Affirmative Sir!

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thank you!

Pm me your display name @John_Preston21

But of course you would probably want fighter jets…( HINT HINT 😆)

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@Thomas_Galvin. Max Sez… No restriction on aircraft type? Bet you get an F-22 Only Event!. I’ll be watch them go Buster & Ballistic! What fun!


Lol, exactly what I expect!

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@Thomas_Galvin…Max Sez. Really like that IF Logo yr useing in your bio. First I saw it, is it Trademarked? I want one! (I bootlegged a copy)

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I bet half of the people will crash, they don’t know the power of this beast!


Thanks! It’s the official Olympic logo that @matt_woolford designed for us. He did a fantastic job didn’t he? Feel free to take it!

why only one racer per team…ruins the fun. Can other members still participate without being in the competition? or maybe assign times that the whole team can go without the judges being overwhelmed?

Hmmmmmm…not a bad idea. @carson?

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No it’ll be fine

@Thomas_Galvin… Max Sez, You need a friend in Korea to get the design made into a patch. I used to get patches sown in Oson with my drawing back in the day for a buck each. Trademark the damm thing before somebody filches it.

You guys keep forgetting to add the date! Good thing if you can bring constant results ;D