CLOSED- OJFam ATC Training Tracking Thread @

I’m currently open at KJFK approach (New York Region), come test my skills! Airport suggestions: KEWR, KTEB, KHPN, KBDR, and KIS.

Note, I am not accepting patterns, trying to focus on inbounds.

This is not a duplicate, my old topic was old and outdated, I asked mods to close it.

If anyone wants to be T&G feel free.


If you want you can open in the Amsterdam region ;). I’m currently controlling there.

@BluePanda900 I like KJFK a lot, so I’ll hop over there for T&G within 30 minutes.

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Just curious…why not have one updated topic instead of creating a new one everyone you switch fields? Just include “tracking thread” in the title or something of that sort ;)

think it was a glitch, but I couldn’t change the title at all.

Added tracking thread to the title for you ;)

Misunderstood sorry, it is tracking, I say closed and delete KJFK, anyway thanks

No harm done. Best of luck with your training. Have fun!

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Airport: CLOSED

T&Gs and inbounds are accepted, have fun and feedback appreciated.

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Please place ‘Closed’ in your title to avoid confusion.

Apologies, completely forgot.

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Airport: CLOSED

Now closed, feedback appreciated.

Thanks for service . I’m not a trainer . But can say everything was ferfect👌

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region: chicago
airport: KCMI
NOTAMs: 18 for patterns and 14L for everything else.

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Where’d you go? You suddenly cut off

network issues, I’m back.

Sorry. Someone tried to Face Time me and it glitched…

not an issue :). how was it?

uhhh you need explain a bit.