Closed - OJFam ATC Training @ KSFO

This topic will be about where I am controlling!

I really need feedback to help me pass IFTSATC Practical Exam.

Airport: EDDL
Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Server: TS1

NOTAMs: Now CLOSED Good day!

See further posts below for which airports I am open at.

EDIT: Passed but still studying overall!


I’m coming - Callsign WOMBAT

Sorry, ever since that crash where I bounced on the runway my throttle quadrant on my joystick is all messed up, working on restoring it now 😉

(Great controlling BTW)

Thanks, good luck lol!

All aircraft who flew, feedback is appreciated!

I think that you handled the traffic rather well even though WOMBAT was playing hopscotch on the airfield, lol!

Airport: KSSC
Region: Charlotte, NC
Server: TS1

NOTAMs: Now CLOSED good day!

Feedback appreciated!

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Like i explaied before, re clearing to land agter reporting full stop is just being courteous. You can do whatever you want. For me, i like to be on the same page as all pilots in my airspace. And also, as long as its not too busy, i will follow up requests with a thank you. Like go arounds, 360s, slow the heck down. Because of course, no one wants to do those things they just want to land lol. So when they comply, they get a thank you. But thats just me, im a nice guy lol

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Great ground controlling, but the tower needs some work.
1.) I need to be sequenced. Yea, I may be #2, but who am I following?
2.) As @KevinMc88 said, if you have already cleared me for the option, and I give you a landing courtesy call, there is no need to re-clear me.

One thing I did like was the go around you executed when I stopped on the runway.

Yea sorry forgot about that.

Yep because option can=landing

Thanks for feedback!!! I’m taking the exam now wish me luck :)


Airport: KRSW
Region: Southern Florida
Server: TS1
Notams: now CLOSED good day!

Special request. If anyone wants to do some inbounds, really need practise!


I’ll be there, callsign will be American 445, I’m gonna be doing some touch and goes, I’m about 5,000XP from Grade 4 so some patternwork would help

I’ll come to do some patterns.

All in all very good, quick and clear sequencing, something I can learn from :P
Two points:
• You’ve exchanged left/right downwind once
• The base call wasn’t necessary imo because you’ve sequenced me as nr.2, so I need to space appropriately.

Other than that, great job!

Thanks! Feedback appreciated

@Daz15 sorry immediate wasn’t needed thought he was about to turn base.

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No problem, ATC was very good overall, sequencing was on point, especially when you had to re-sequence when the B717 cut in front of me. Only a few minor mistakes were made, nothing too costly, just make sure you don’t clear somebody to land/for the option until they have stated their intentions, if they haven’t done it by downwind, ask them for their intentions, and then clear them to land/for the option if they’re on base or final. Nonetheless it was a great session

On the last part for clearing, if you request a pattern when talking off. I already know your remaining in the pattern, so your intentions are T&G.


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He can just clear them for the option, they’ve already kind of made their intentions clear. The option covers both anyways.


Airport: KLGA
Region: New York
Server: TS1

Notams: CLOSED

Special request: Inbounds would be nice! KHPN is suggested.

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On my way I’ll fly in