(Closed)(Now with IFATC)(27 Attending, 13 left!)(Inspired by LOT VA) Infinite Flight Destinations: Warsaw! Chopin Airport Fly out. @ EPWA - 021600ZJUN19

Hey everyone!

I have decided to start my first few destination fly outs across the globe! We will start this one in Europe, located in Warsaw city, the Capital of Poland.

About Warsaw:

Main Information.

Server: Expert

Airport: EPWA

Time: 1600Z 2019-06-02T16:00:00Z


  • Please Spawn in 15 minutes prior departure.

  • Please use the Unicom when no IFATC service is available. No duplicate messages.

  • Use the following flight Planner: Simbrief section of FPLtoIF.com

  • A Group chat will be used a day before departure.


With the permission from Tyler, @mkwiecek will be open as an ATC for the Expert Server. The ATC will only be opened for the duration of the event.

Gate Assignment

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Gate 91 Airbus A320 Wizzair London Luton None
Gate 92 Airbus A320 Wizzair Budapest None
Gate 93 Airbus A320 Wizzair Eindhoven @IFMG
Gate 94 Airbus A320 Wizzair Milan @Boris_Huang
Gate 22 Boeing 737-8 KLM Amsterdam @Zaid_Martines
Gate 03 Boeing 737-9 Ukraine Airlines Kiev @ouzi
Gate 20 Airbus A320 Air France Paris CDG @DhruvChopra
Gate 18 Airbus A320 Lufthansa Frankfurt @Scandinavian17
Gate 19 Airbus A319 Brussels Airlines Brussels None
Gate 95 Embraer E170 LOT Polish Wrocław None
Gate 96 Embraer E170 LOT Polish Prague @SP-SAI
Gate 97 Embraer E170 LOT Polish Frankfurt @RednoseHeavy
Gate 38 Boeing 737-8 LOT Polish London Heathrow @IFliPlanes
Gate 39 Boeing 737-8 LOT Polish Amsterdam @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate 40 Boeing 737-8 LOT Polish Madrid @mr_speedbird
Gate 41 Boeing 737-8 LOT Polish Beirut @JoeHaddad
Gate 09 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish Chicago @FlightFinite
Gate 10 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish New York @mibence
Gate 13 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish Los Angles @MaciMDpl
Gate 14 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish Toronto @anon45500775
Gate 15 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish Singapore @Captain_Awerty
Gate 31 Bombardier CRJ-700 Nordica Stockholm None
Gate 32 Bombardier CRJ-700 Nordica Vilnius @Matthew_20204
Gate 02 Airbus A321 Finnair Helsinki @bomrno
Gate 04 Airbus A320 EasyJet Berlin Tegel None
Gate 34 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Air Baltic Riga None
Gate 35 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Austrian Vienna @alexandre.g
Gate 07 Airbus A320 Aeroflot Moscow None
Gate 05 Boeing 737-800 El Al Israel None
Gate 01 Airbus A319 Swiss Zürich @SwedishFlyer
Gate 06 Airbus A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul None
Gate 12 Airbus A321 Alitalia Rome @Bld003
Gate 08 Boeing 737-8 Norwegian Oslo @Josamacs
Gate 21 Airbus A321 British Airways London Heathrow @saad375
Gate 16 Boeing 777-200LR Emirates Dubai @adamlamzili761_gmail
Gate 17 Boeing 787-8 LOT Polish Toronto @TestFlight009
Gate 18 Boeing 787-8 Qatar Doha @Josamacs

Cargo Gate Assignment 📦

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
Cargo Ramp 14 McDouglas MD-11F UPS Hong Kong None
Cargo Ramp 15 Boeing 757 UPS Cologne None
Cargo Ramp 16 Boeing 757 DHL Leipzig Halle None



Witam! Gate 41 to Brussels please ;)

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@Johnny_Ringo Cześć! Gate 41 to Brussels is yours! 👍

Awesome! Excited to fly with you folks! Dzięki

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Gate 13 for me :)

@MaciMDpl Proszę bardzo! Gate 13 to LA is yours! Enjoy.

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Chłopaki! If we’re doing long haul I’ll take Chicago then, if that’s ok of course to change LO1 for the flight number?

@Johnny_Ringo Tak, of course you Can! I’ll just switch It nów.

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Super! Looking forward to departing with some LOT heavies.


Hej! I’ll take this gate :)


@Captain_Awerty Witam! You are welcome to take this gate. Damn! The heavies are just already full! Just one left. 😄


Wezme Bramke 38 do London Heathrow :D


@IFliPlanes I’ll take you to Heathrow! Zobaczymy się na niebie! 👍

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I will take the Emirates 777-200ER flight to Dubai.

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@jordanwalks2002 Hey Jordan, I am going to add you. Have a nice day. This is also the 777-299 “LR”, not to get mistaken.

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk Little heads up, I think Emirates Operates the B777-300ER not -200LR :)

They operate both, the 773 as well as 77L

Also, I’ll take an Emirates gate to Dubai if possible :)

They operate both. My older brother flew one last summer. 👍

They used to operate them, but IF is a sim.
I saw one 77W landing at Chopin, I had the perfect view.


I’ll take Gate 40. To Madrid!

I am also the CEO of LOT Virtual and will try to get as many members from my team to join this flyout. From the looks of it two of our members have already joined!

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