Come join me in the Caribbean!

Time: Now

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TCNM

Notam: Please follow all instructions! Departures and Arrivals on 10.

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Quantas360 coming at you

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Sounds good can’t wait to see you!

Best of luck in this endeavor. I sadly cannot attend. Hope it goes well :)


Haha, thanks for the encouragement.

I will be recording!

Can’t wait. If you could do me a favor park at one of the gates and don’t congregate on the taxiway. Thanks!

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I always do :) Goodluck!

Why runway 28??? I’ll head over

Haha, I just want to have some fun. If more people join we’ll switch to 10. Thanks for coming!

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Why someone taxi through me?

Pretty sure that someone spawned in the same spot. No worries.

Coming ! Callsign V-NEO

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I’m about to take off again

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man you asked for this! its getting real busy, next time I’ll do a touch and go. its so hard to get a chance to take off again!!! lol

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I know this is making me sweat, Im trying to get you out

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@sk28 I was doing touch and go and you cleared me to land. :( So i had to stop flying.

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i’m going to touch and go next

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Oh haha sry, It got very busy so that was an accident.

ZZZZZZ is killing me in the ear! omg what sort of callsign to bug the ears