[Closed] Northwest Airlines Flash Flood! @ KMEM - 020130ZDEC17

Flash Event
Northwest Flash Flood!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Starting Airport: KMEM
Ending Airport: KDTW
Event Time: 0130Z

Aircraft: Northwest Airlines A319 / Embraer 175

NOTAM: Happy FNF! Are you ready for a big group flight?!?

Gate B11: Balloonchaser
Gate B13: sapper
Gate B15: TheGeniusman
Gate B17: AussieWombat
Gate B19: Mks713
Gate B23:
Gate B25:
Gate B26:
(More Available)

MEM T/G - BluePanda900

Route (Copy From Me):

Event starts in less than 30 minutes! Dont miss out on a fun farewell event!

Main Event: Friday Night Flight - Northwest Never Forgotten @ KMEM - 011830ZDEC17

This is bringing back a series by @Mark_Denton that he did a while ago.


Count me in I was literally about to spawn In the E175. May I have gate B 13 please

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Roger! Welcome aboard! :)

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Event Starts in 15 Minutes! :D

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Sure… I’ll take B15

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And you have the best ATC there already :P


Roger! See you there!

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Right back at ya!! 😊

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Exactly!! One of my favorites aswell! :P

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I’ll come. Thanks…

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Roger! (Just find an open gate around us (People are spawning in like crazy)

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Starting in 5 Minutes!

(Copy Flightplan)

Lets start pushback and taxi for an ontime departure!

Whoever else would like to join us… Spawn in now and get to the runway (Follow ATC Directions and IF Rules)

Cruising Alt: 26,000 ft
Cruising Speed: 300 knts

Sorry but I can’t keep a solid connection with all the traffic in the area my app is crashing catch y’all on the next flight sometime

Please share any pictures that you took here or on IF Photos, etc!

Thanks for attending!

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