CLOSED - Nolan_56 ATC Tracking Thread

Hello all…

Cureently open at KSFO Tower!

Arrivals: 28R
Departures: 28L

Pattern work welcome

Tower closed at this time! Thanks for all that joined in. Please leave any feedback

Hello all…

Currently open at DFW on Ground and Tower

Departures: 18R / 18L
Arrivals: 17R / 17C

Pattern work is absolutely welcome.

Send feedback through PM or leave it here as well.


Open on TS at KATL.

Stop by and say hello

Pattern work welcome as alwas



Stop by and do some pattern work!


Open at KSFO on TS, both Tower and Groubd


PM or post here feedback!

Honestly, to keep it realistic, 1 L/R is not used for arrivals since it is going to be a very steep approach. In real life, 1 L/R are used for departures and 28L/R are used for departures for bigger aircrafts and all aircraft arrivals.

Anyways, have some controlling at chaotic KSFO!

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Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it!

I have Closed my ATC work at KSFO. Thank you for those that came in and out of San Francisco today!

Currently open at EDDF on Training Server T&G

Pattern work welcome

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Look forward to seeing you!

Tower and Ground service closed at EDDF. Thank you for everyone that came in and the steady flow of traffic.

Also, thank you @MrMrMan for the feedback :)

You’re very welcome! I look forward to being under your control again!

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Open at PHNL on Training Server

Pattern work always appreciated!

Leave comment or provide feedback through PM

ATC service has been closed fof the night at PHNL. Always a good time, and always a beautiful sight. Thanks to those who came out for a quick flight and those that did pattern work!

Open at EDDF T&G

Pattern work welcomed, need to oractice sequencing and instructions.

Stop by and give me some feedback by PM or post here

Closed at EDDF. Thank you to those who stopped by for patternnwork and those who chose EDDF as their departure airport. I hope I provided good ATC service during your travels.

Have a great day!


Good morning all.

I am open at ZUUU working Tower and Ground, bringing the expert server schedule to the training server.

As always, patterns welcomed!


Hello all. I am opening back up at ZUUU on training server.

I will be operating Tower and Ground.

Patterm work welcomed and appreciated.

Stop by and pay me a visit. Leave me feedback or PM me.

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Hello all.

I am now open at KSFO on TS T&G.

Stop by and help me practice my atc skills!