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MaxSez: Below find 3 screen shots of one of my recant go’s in the Mediterranean Region. Identify the aircraft and general location and names of the 2 major waterways transited. Complete ansewer only no generalizations accepted. (Tap The Shot to Expand)






Hmm,the aircraft is a BBJ (private) the location…is in the adriatic sea?
btw,why your strobo are off?

The aircraft is an A318 (ACJ).

I will guess the Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba.

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@Grady_Herbert. MaxSez… excellant so far… expand look close at Shot 3.


Is it the Sea of Harmara?

A318 (AJC), the Gulf of Aqaba, Sea of Azov.

MaxSez: Tip: This was a single flight in region. The waters are contiguous (connect). This flight is just an over water right hook around a well know Conflict zone with a long history. Great historic Air/Armor Battle where fought here. The screen shoot where shot in sequence at appx 150 Air Miles end-route apart. . The Flight was about 650 Air Miles. Answer in 1 hour it’s now 1905Q.

To me it sounds like it was something to do with Israel and Palestine.

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If MaxSez: Can’t believe you missed the entrance to and a ride up the Suez Canal people. You Guys & Gals need to get out more and see the world. Flying B’s in major stateside and EU city’s is for bus drivers.
This route takes you from OJAQ (Aqaba, Jorden Pic#1) Down the Gulf of Aqaba to HESH (Sharm El Shikh, Egypt Pic#2) a fine liberty port on the Red Sea which is a souther extension of the Suez Canal. Then up the Canal to Suez City (The S Toll Gate) thence HEPS (The Port of Suez Pic#3) on the Med. All had dead reconning landmarks at the turns.
In truth this trip is a right hook round the “Sinai Peninsula”, a conflict zone for ages. The aircraft was the A-318-100 which most respondents got.

IF gives you the opportunity to see the world. Just do it, learn some geography and history as you matriculat. Big Stateside B’s and EU Capitals are Blasé…
Regards All who tried.

(Some where close, some used a scatter gun even-going as far as the Black Sea/Sea of Azov, Omy). Regards All who tryed.)


@MarcelloM. MaxSez: Strobes where on… ya see them better in plane view… Ever seen desert terrain on the Adriatic Coast?