CLOSED - No more ATC on now.

Do you have Seattle? COME ON! :D

If you do, come along for this ATC Session at KPAE. It will be great as I haven’t controlled after my phone broke: come along, only few requirements.

  1. Bring a Boeing Aircraft
  2. Pattern work = Accepted
  3. Please use runway 16R/34L
  4. Enjoy yourself!

Also, PM to give me feedback about the session.

*NOTE: I cannot read PMs during the session

If no one comes, I will close the session down :(

Thanks guys!
Closing this down, NO ONE CAME.

No more ATC for a while.

You gotta figure out the perfect time to announce that.
When Australians sleep, Europeans are awake and when Americans (Pacific Standard time) come home from school, Europeans go to bed.
The magical time is between 1900Z and 2100Z. That’s my experience at least. The endless struggle of time zones…

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Addition to what @BavariaAVIATION said, you gotta control on the weekends. And nobody comes to Seattle on PG - only to SoCal.

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They come to London as well.

Open NOW! Come join!

coming in an airbus…sorry

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Okay this is confirmed. I can land in no winds or when the wind blows in the aircraft’s heading. Crosswinds and the other type I can not handle…at least till I get my joystick.

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still open?

Yes. I am still open :)

Great! I’ll come.

I’m here (fill)

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Goooosh the 773 is so gorgeous. I gotta fly it more often…

I know, It is very pretty.

Not been flying it for aaaages, I will mess that landing up so badly :D

Disconnect. Seriously?

Unlucky I landed the most smoothest landing that I have ever landed on my first go

Congrats! Mine was not that smooth tbh


The one just there was pretty smooth

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