[CLOSED] New Years Eve Zello @ LFPG - 311400ZDEC16

Server: Casual

Region: Paris

Airport: LFPG

Time: 1400Z

Zello has been rescheduled to New Years Eve afternoon! Enjoy a pre-ball drop festivity known as Zello ATC. Enjoy the Paris region, the city of lights and love, as the region of this week’s Zello event. Join the Zello channel at Infinite Flight-CBaccari, and come to the Paris region Casual Saturday afternoon, and enjoy region active Zello until 1445Z.


Event in twenty and a half hours. Be prepared for an alphanumeric ATIS code, because you may not be allowed to push and start without it.😈

I will be there!

What do you mean by alphanumeric atis code?

What is the atis code???

@ZzmemeguyzZ listen to Zello and you’ll find out.
Event in forty-five minutes.

What is the server??? Casual or ???

Casual, but it’s not happening now.

he gave up due to no attendace

I also don’t check the forums during Zello normally, because it’s a pain to do so. Ask on Zello next time.

I am on casual

What is it zello???

Hey ! I don’t see anyone???

Zello is an app that acts as a multiple way phone. Look it up on App Store, should come right up. You can’t join Zello events without Zello app.

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