[Closed] New Year Event @ YSCB - 311730ZDEC15

Guys, event in 15 mins! Please do come and join! :)

What is the FL and speed?

We will do FL 190 at 300 KIAS :)

From YSCB to?

Sydney, YSSY.

Okay…any ATC?

Maybe, I don’t think so


I’m at RPT gate 8, come in!

File a flight plan dush!

I do have some filed, can you get it?

Btw, 35 will be used for T/O’s @Kevin_Jonas

Lets go guys? ;)

Yes filler

Lets give ourselves some spacing so that we aren’t crumbled upon landing :)

Landing in 34 L or R?

Will be second for take off…

We can do parallel ones :)

We shall slow and decend after YWOL

Forgot to landing gear…will spawn at YSSY