[Closed] New Year Event @ YSCB - 311730ZDEC15

Server: Advanced Server 1

Region: Sydney - as they will celebrate the New Year First

Airport: YSCB

Aircraft:737BBJ, B772, B748, A318.

Route: YSCB

Time: 1730Z. 2300IST, 1230EST

NOTAM: FDS 2015 liveries allowed, please follow ATC instructions
Overview - we will be celebrating New Year by thanking all stuff FDS has given this year (in their 2015 Livery)

Please indicate if you’re coming

(No FPL , copy mine)


Advance server 1?

Yes, ATC Server

Might pop down.

I hope I can make it there.

Why not in ATC Playground?’

Might come…but one thing…doesn’t Japan celebrate first(we do not have any region there)

no sydney goes first

we don’t want mix us with peanuts

Windows-iOS joystick support ill come before this I hope…

Can i fly the 777-300er or the 737-700 please?

You don’t have the FDS liveries?

No sorry only those aircrafts

Only in FDS livery?

Yes Hamza (2015 one ;))

What is soon? The event is two hours…

i’ll be there

I meant when will you give us the FPL

To clear things up:
The first countries to kick off 2016 were Samoa and Kiribati at 10:00 Zulu Military time.
And yes, I looked that up. I just enjoy bragging with my knowledge. Yeah…


In 20 minutes…