[closed, new thread being made] Coming Soon: Spirit Virtual Airlines (Now Recruiting)


Spirit Virtual Airlines is currently undergoing the IFVARB approval process, however, we have been given permission to begin recruiting pilots and staff members! All of our information can be found on our Here on our website.
Below is a brief description of the VA.

Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321

Spirit Virtual Airlines currently operates in three regions currently available; Denver, Southern California, and South Florida. Our complete list of routes can be found Here

Of course, we need lots of pilots at the moment. If a staff role would suit you better, open positions are listed below.

Flight Logger- @Captaink
Event Organizer
IFVARB Representative- @JRRaviation

Apply Here or PM me to apply for a Staff Position!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a staff member (@Captain_Brenneman)


On behalf of the entire crew flying Fronter Airlines, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the airline family. Best of luck.

508 (CEO at Frontier)


Thanks you Very much!

Thank you!

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Spirit VA is going to takeoff when Global comes out!

Best of luck from KLM VA
And welcome to the VA community
Avionics(CEO KLM Virtual)

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Thanks you very much!

Spirit VA is getting ready for our acceptance but we need pilots first!
Click that Apply button!

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Our brother ULCC airline with only one livery in the whole sim just like us…good times. I like your spirit livery though. If they had put the banana in…shivers*


Yea. Hoping for the Yellow livery though something soon! That’s why we are just using the Generic Liveries for A319 and A321.


Best of luck from all of us at Big Bear VA! Welcome to the VA team:)

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Thank You!

Join Today! We need more pilots so we can start taking off! We have a recruitment event soon so join today!

Best of luck with your VA!

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Thank You!

Edit my name into the stff section haha

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Congratulations to @Cpt_Chris on getting the position as Event Organizer! Welcome to the team! Join today or PM me for a Staff Position! We are looking forward to having many events! Congrats! Join Today!

Best of luck to ya. From a Frontier VA pilot 😄


Great news! Hopefully you guys can operate flights to Tocumen Airport (Spirit operates flights to Panama from KFLL), anyway, good luck!

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Thanks everyone!