[CLOSED]Need your help

I need serious pilots to help me with training so I can be an ADV ATC. I will be controlling KFLL ground and tower. Approach and Departure frequencies are welcome to create a more realistic environment.

I will start at 3:00pm EST (20:00Z/UTC)

I will also be following real world procedures at KFFL.
Please follow instruction, only serious pilots come.
Thank you IF community!

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You mean KFLL, right?

2000 Z / 20th Dec? I will try and come along for a while. ;-)

Yes my mistake😀

I would advise you not to have approach and departure help so you are better able to practice pattern entries and sequencing.

It’s 3pm - where are you? :)

Sending feedback on PM.

Honestly, anyone in IFATC would be willing to help. Your best results would come from the scouts. If you just want people to fly for you before your test, hit up “The Group™” with a day and a time and we’ll see what we can do. If we are available, we’ll show up and you’ll see what the expert server controllers have to deal with every day. We can give you feedback afterwards. Again, the scouts are going to be your best option for training.


I changed your topic title because it wasn’t helpful. Saying “Need your Help” isn’t a good topic title.

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