[Closed] Need help trying out the new ATC Holding pattern command

Can you put me in a hold? - Lot 46

LaGuardia Airport

I never thought approach/Departure would be so hard X(

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Vector me do you know how to do that

No, but you can help me :)

You’ll get it in no time!

You can put Air Canada 872 in a hold as well. :)

Hold your finger on the plane and swipe to another place for a heading

Its not as fun as you think loll

where are you guys?

Guys, this is for me to get used to App and Dep. :)

well, i can fly in your hold, so you get used to it.

If only there is a system that would calculate the ideal parameters for us, it’s a lot harder to hold that circuit than I thought.

This will take you step by step. Good luck!


I’ve never been Approach or Departure ever. X( so hard!

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do you know how to give vectors? using the drag and hold?

I’m trying that now… who are you (callsign)?

which airport are you in? i didnt join yet.

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This will show you how to use the drag and vector.


LaGuardia Int’l