[Closed] Need help trying out the new ATC Holding pattern command

I would like to try out the new Holding pattern in ATC, as I haven’t tried them out yet. Is there anyone out there that Is willing to help me try the new ATC command, thanks :)

btw, which ATC has the Hold command?

Location: KLGA (LaGuardia)
Training server 2

EDIT: This is way harder than I thought! I’ll look at the tutorial videos on how to work this and to continue practicing until I can master it :D

EDIT: Thank you all that joined! It was a very messy approach/Departure, but it helps me improve my skills by learning! Thank you to all who participated!

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Come to Ohare, then we can have Tower, Ground, and Approach.

We have a good amount of well behaving aircraft.

But I don’t know how to use the new commands ;-;

Isn’t there a tutorial? Or YT video?

You can see in the menu when you select an airplane.

;-; Yes, but I would like to try them myself, I haven’t tried the new commands yet. It seems simple, but I would like to try it.

Oh! I know what you mean. I’ll come to LGA right now

Hold on, which atc has this command???

Approach, Departure, and Center

I thinks it’s departure or approach

Oh, it’ll be my first time being app. I’ll try it. I’ll be tower and app.

Ok, I’ve never been app. Before. But I’ll try my best.

Here I come

You cannot be tower and APP. You can be Ground/Tower, App/Dep, and center. Those combinations and the frequencies individualy

Oh. Then I’ll be Dep/app…

Where are you going to be?

I’ll be omw as LOT 46. Someone can try putting me in a hold

Which region are you man

Never mind got it;)