[Closed] Need ATC at KEWR on PG

(ANDROID USERS ONLY) I want to make an approach in the Dash 8 on my Kindle, and I want someone to observe. :)

I’ll be there to watch once my tablet charges.

Ok, thank you :)

When will it be?

Once you’re device charges I guess :)

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I’m no ATC, though, so you can go without if you like. I’m just a judge.

Ok, but all I’m going to do is Announce Inbound :)

@Noroftheair make sure you notify me when u r ready. ok? :)

Yeah, sure

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Take tower :)

okay coming on.

I’m new so bear in mind mistakes may happen.

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Ok, I may be like 3 mins late

I got that on a short film too. Upload soon.

Great approach!

when done

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Thanks! It was the same approach I uploaded in that other topic! :)

Still processing tho :)

Yeah, done soon. The video turned out really laggy, but it wasn’t as much in the game though.
@JFKPlaneSpotter101 Finished!

Thanks, it’s great!!! 😁 @Noroftheair

Your approach was good in the beginning but near the end, it looks like you took a nose dive. Otherwise, it would have been fine.

Yeah, that was because of lag

I get the same thing too, during the flight in fine but once I’m on approach, my frames drop to crap… I’m going to upgrade in a couple months I hope.

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