[Closed] Natedog508's ATC Tracking Thread

Hi all. I recently passed my IFATC Written Test and i am training for my practical. Because of this i will be open at an airport with 2 parallel runways every time. I will be accepting pattern work and would also like it if people would come from other airports so i can practice pattern entries! Please leave comment about my ATC’ing abilities below as it will help me for the practical. Thanks!

5/6: KVNY (home airport)

I’m open at KVNY the BUSIEST general aviation airport in the US (minus oshkosh on the one weekend ;). Come do some pattern work and pattern entries (most likely from KLAX!)

This airport does have private 737’s and A319’s all the time so i will accept those medium range aircrafts

Im joining right now!

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Closed at KVNY. I had 5 pilots and 3 at a time at the most. Thank you to all of you who came.

Open at KBOS TS1. Come join!


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