[Closed] Nashville Fly-Out @ KBNA - 171000ZAUG19


Nashville Fly-Out @ KBNA

Date & Time : August 17, 2019 10:00 AM β†’ August 18, 2019 4:00 AM
Server : Expert

Note: Please read the thread in its entirety to understand the logistics of this event.

Event Introduction & Description:

Join us in the musical city of Nashville, Tennessee for a fly-out event! Nashville International Airport (KBNA/BNA) is a focus city for Southwest and more recently, Delta Air Lines. The airport is currently the fourth fastest growing hub in the United States.

The goal of this event is to simulate what this airport would look like in the real world on a typical day by using airlines and the corresponding routes at the various airport terminals.

Event NOTAM:

Remember to be as realistic as possible during this event. Spawn at your assigned gate with the correct plane and livery, taxi at realistic speeds, give way to other planes, and communicate via Unicom when necessary. Trolling will NOT be tolerated!

This event takes place on the expert server so all rules will be enforced. If ATC is active at the airport, please follow all of their instruction as you may be subject to ghosting.

Airlines List:

These are the airlines that serve Nashville Int’l Airport sorted by concourse. Some airlines may be restricted to only one gate.

Click here for the list of destinations. Remember that not all seasonal routes operate during this time of year.

Concourse A
Air Canada Express (AC)
  • CRJ-200
    Gate A1 only.*
British Airways (BA)
  • Boeing 787-9
    Gate A5 only.*
United Airlines (UA)
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 737-800/-900ER
  • Bombardier CRJ-700
  • Embraer E175 (generic)
Concourse B
Alaska Airlines (AS)
  • Airbus A320
    Gate B8 only.*
Allegiant Air (G4)
  • Airbus A320
    Gate B9 only.*
Delta Air Lines (DL)
  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 717-200
  • Boeing 737-800/-900ER
  • Bombardier CRJ-700/-900
  • Embraer E170
Frontier Airlines (F9)
  • Airbus A320/A321
    Gate B12 only.*
jetBlue (B6)
  • Airbus A320
    Gate B6 only*
Southern Airways Express (9X)
  • Cessna 208 (generic)
    Gate B10 (A-C) only.*
Sun Country Airlines (SY)
  • Boeing 737-700/-800 (generic)
    Gate B11 only.*
WestJet (WS)
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
    Gate B13 only.*
Concourse C
American Airlines (AA)
  • Airbus A320/A321
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Bombardier CRJ-200/-700
  • Embraer E175 (generic)
Southwest Airlines (WN)
  • Boeing 737-700/-800
Cargo Ramp
FedEx Express (FX)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD11F

Gate Assignments:

Reserve your gate by commenting the flight number and gate. The schedule below is based off a real-world timetable on a Saturday (with some additions). You are allowed to choose multiple flights but be sure you are able to finish your first flight before continuing with the next. These are scheduled departure times only.

Times below are in the local Central (CDT/UTC-5) timezone ⟢ Time Converter

5:00AM to 7:59AM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
5:05 AM C4 WN2727 β†’ KMCO B737
5:10 AM C7 WN3125 β†’ KBWI B737
5:20 AM C9 WN3683 β†’ KLGA B738
5:20 AM C14 WN3700 β†’ KTPA B737
5:25 AM C15 WN3662 β†’ KFLL B737
5:28 AM C2 AA2071 β†’ KCLT A320
5:30 AM B12 F9391 β†’ KDEN A320
5:31 AM C3 AA2787 β†’ KDFW B738
5:35 AM C16 WN1599 β†’ KHOU B737
5:40 AM C5 AA2831 β†’ KMIA B738
5:55 AM C17 WN2530 β†’ KATL B737
6:00 AM B1 DL2331 β†’ KMSP B712
6:00 AM B2 DL2973 β†’ KDTW B712
6:00 AM C18 WN2338 β†’ KDEN B737
6:00 AM C19 WN2718 β†’ KMDW B737
6:00AM C20 WN5028 β†’ KLAX B738
6:00 AM A1 AC7330 β†’ CYYZ CRJ2 @Boris_Huang
6:23 AM C5 AA3543 β†’ KJFK CRJ2
6:25 AM A2 UA5816 β†’ KDEN E175
6:30 AM B3 DL1324 β†’ KATL B739
6:30 AM C21 WN4291 β†’ KMCO B737
6:33 AM A3 UA1095 β†’ KSFO A320
6:35 AM C22 WN3705 β†’ KSTL B737 @Suhas
6:45 AM A4 UA897 β†’ KEWR B739
6:45 AM A5 UA4003 β†’ KIAH CRJ7
7:00 AM C6 AA1770 β†’ KMIA B738
7:00 AM B4 DL3698 β†’ KLGA E170
7:00 AM A6 UA5906 β†’ KORD E175
7:05 AM B5 DL742 β†’ KLAX B738
7:10 AM C8 AA3150 β†’ KORD CRJ7
7:15 AM C10 AA2583 β†’ KDFW A321
7:15 AM B7 DL503 β†’ MMUN B739
7:20 AM B1 DL3786 β†’ KJFK E170
7:20 AM C25 WN5021 β†’ KLAS B738
7:30 AM A7 UA4037 β†’ KEWR CRJ7
7:40 AM B2 DL2250 β†’ KSLC A319 @Kaleb_Jordan
7:40 AM B3 DL2886 β†’ KSEA B738 @Delta319
7:40 AM C4 WN4828 β†’ KMCO B738
7:45 AM B8 AS1415 β†’ KSEA A320
7:47 AM C11 AA4444 β†’ KLGA E175
8:00AM to 10:59AM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
8:00 AM C12 AA1928 β†’ KCLT A320
8:00 AM B11 SY645 β†’ KPVD B738
8:01 AM C13 AA4637 β†’ KDCA E175
8:05 AM B4 DL2640 β†’ KATL B739
8:05 AM C7 WN4588 β†’ KMDW B737
8:15 AM A8 UA5689 β†’ KORD E175
8:15 AM B9 G4763 β†’ KRIC A320
8:15 AM B10 9X55 β†’ KMEM C208 @Etrain
8:20 AM B5 DL1497 β†’ KMSP B712
8:20 AM C9 WN3909 β†’ KMCI B737
8:20 AM C14 WN4510 β†’ KAUS B737
8:20 AM C15 WN5265 β†’ KCHS B738
8:20 AM C16 WN5952 β†’ KJAX B737
8:25 AM C17 WN3066 β†’ KSAT B737
8:25 AM C18 WN4222 β†’ KFLL B738
8:25 AM C19 WN4261 β†’ KSEA B738
8:30 AM C20 WN3733 β†’ KMSY B738
8:30 AM C21 WN5124 β†’ KOAK B738
8:35 AM C2 AA5666 β†’ KPHL CRJ7
8:35 AM C22 WN386 β†’ MMUN B737
8:35 AM C25 WN4759 β†’ KDAL B737 @Suhas
8:40 AM C4 WN4273 β†’ KPNS B737
8:43 AM A2 UA2119 β†’ KSFO A320
8:45 AM A3 UA2414 β†’ KIAD A320
8:50 AM A4 UA5580 β†’ KIAH CRJ7
9:05 AM C7 WN5130 β†’ KHOU B737
9:15 AM B7 DL3893 β†’ KBOS E170
9:19 AM C3 AA3171 β†’ KORD CRJ7
9:20 AM C9 WN994 β†’ KECP B737 @Luke_Sta
9:27 AM C5 AA4456 β†’ KDCA E175
9:35 AM B1 DL6208 β†’ KMCO CRJ7
9:45 AM B6 B61806 β†’ KBOS A320 @Nathan
9:50 AM C14 WN4775 β†’ KTPA B737
9:54 AM C6 AA2284 β†’ KCLT A320
10:05 AM A1 AC7332 β†’ CYYZ CRJ2 @Etrain
10:10 AM C15 WN2653 β†’ KPHX B738
10:14 AM A5 UA3766 β†’ KORD CRJ7
10:20 AM B2 DL2692 β†’ KDTW A319 @MrMrMan
10:20 AM C16 WN2780 β†’ KDCA B737
10:20 AM B9 G42911 β†’ KXNA A320
10:27 AM B3 DL3777 β†’ KLGA E170
10:40 AM C8 AA3178 β†’ KORD CRJ7
10:45 AM A6 UA3994 β†’ KEWR CRJ7
10:45 AM C17 WN2801 β†’ KLGA B737
10:45 AM C18 WN2811 β†’ KBOS B738
10:45 AM C19 WN3025 β†’ KRDU B737
10:45 AM C20 WN3050 β†’ KMKE B737
10:45 AM C21 WN4709 β†’ KCLE B737 @CAKnights09
10:50 AM C22 WN2670 β†’ KDTW B738
10:50 AM C25 WN3122 β†’ KPHL B738
10:55 AM C4 WN5727 β†’ KCMH B737
10:56 AM B4 DL1066 β†’ KATL B739 @IF_Aviation1
11:00AM to 1:59PM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
11:05 AM C7 WN4373 β†’ KMSP B737
11:10 AM C10 AA4709 β†’ KDCA E175
11:10 AM A7 UA4319 β†’ KORD CRJ7
11:10 AM C9 WN4813 β†’ KEWR B737
11:20 AM A8 UA338 β†’ KIAH A320
11:30 AM C11 AA3005 β†’ KORD CRJ7
11:35 AM C14 WN4760 β†’ KORF B737
11:40 AM B5 DL1269 β†’ KMSP B712
11:40 AM C15 WN3684 β†’ KDEN B738 @Luke_Sta
11:44 AM C12 AA2363 β†’ KDFW B738
11:45 AM B7 DL2644 β†’ KDTW A319
11:45 AM B13 WS3651 β†’ CYYZ DH8D
11:45 AM B10 9X57 β†’ KMEM C208
11:49 AM C13 AA3952 β†’ KJFK CRJ2
11:55 AM C16 WN2679 β†’ KPIT B737
12:00 PM C17 WN4917 β†’ KBWI B737
12:10 PM C18 WN4549 β†’ KMCO B738
12:10 PM C19 WN5076 β†’ KMDW B737
12:15 PM B9 G41525 β†’ KSYR A320
12:30 PM C20 WN3915 β†’ KECP B737
12:35 PM A2 UA5392 β†’ KDEN E175
12:39 PM C2 AA5168 β†’ KCLT CRJ7 @Kevinsoto1502
12:40 PM B1 DL2344 β†’ KATL B739 @Leonard_Paulson
12:40 PM C21 WN5492 β†’ KAUS B737
12:50 PM B2 DL6236 β†’ KRDU CRJ7 @TechOps
12:57 PM B3 DL3830 β†’ KLGA E170
1:05 PM C22 WN3632 β†’ KJAX B737 @Suhas
1:05 PM B9 G4756 β†’ KPIE A320
1:15 PM A3 UA529 β†’ KIAD A320
1:30 PM C25 WN4926 β†’ KMCI B737
1:40 PM B12 F92010 β†’ KPHL A320
1:40 PM A4 UA4904 β†’ KEWR CRJ7
1:42 PM C3 AA2502 β†’ KDFW A321
1:45 PM C4 WN4811 β†’ KDAL B738
1:45 PM B11 SY690 β†’ KPDX B738
1:50 PM C7 WN5367 β†’ KDEN B738 @KGJT-9149
2:00PM to 4:59PM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
2:00 PM B4 DL3731 β†’ KBOS E170
2:00 PM C9 WN4681 β†’ KMCO B737 @SSGTRocky
2:04 PM C5 AA635 β†’ KPHL A320
2:15 PM C6 AA3135 β†’ KORD CRJ7
2:15 PM C14 WN3330 β†’ KSAN B738
2:17 PM B9 G42960 β†’ KABE A320
2:20 PM B5 DL3490 β†’ KMSP CRJ9 @Aceorbit
2:20 PM C15 WN4918 β†’ KRDU B737
2:25 PM C16 WN3361 β†’ KFLL B737
2:28 PM C8 AA4155 β†’ KDCA E175
2:35 PM C10 AA5192 β†’ KCLT CRJ7 @Walker_McAlister
2:35 PM B7 DL1676 β†’ KATL B739
2:40 PM C17 WN2945 β†’ KPNS B737
2:45 PM A5 UA4012 β†’ KIAH CRJ7
2:45 PM C18 WN3416 β†’ KDCA B737
3:05 PM C19 WN3325 β†’ KTPA B737
3:10 PM C11 AA4707 β†’ KLGA E175
3:11 PM B9 G42975 β†’ KMDT A320
3:25 PM B1 DL3890 β†’ KLGA E170
3:30 PM B10 9X59 β†’ KMEM C208
3:33 PM C11 AA1009 β†’ KDFW B738
3:40 PM B13 WS1427 β†’ CYYC B737
3:45 PM B12 F91030 β†’ KMCO A320
3:45 PM C20 WN4362 β†’ KLAS B737 @Suhas
3:50 PM C21 WN3299 β†’ KPIT B737
3:51 PM C12 AA3732 β†’ KORD CRJ2
3:55 PM A6 UA5625 β†’ KDEN E175
4:00 PM C22 WN3891 β†’ KPHL B737
4:05 PM B2 DL2599 β†’ KATL B739
4:05 PM C25 WN5252 β†’ KATL B738
4:10 PM C4 WN4223 β†’ KFLL B737 @Luke_Sta
4:20 PM C7 WN1514 β†’ KECP B737
4:30 PM C9 WN3795 β†’ KPHX B737
4:30 PM A1 AC7334 β†’ CYYZ CRJ2
4:35 PM C14 WN1547 β†’ KSJC B737
4:40 PM C15 WN3368 β†’ KDEN B737
4:45 PM B11 SY632 β†’ KMSP B738
4:45 PM A7 UA5822 β†’ KORD E175
4:47 PM B6 B6182 β†’ KFLL A320
4:50 PM A8 UA4176 β†’ KIAH CRJ7
4:50 PM C16 WN3904 β†’ KMCO B737
4:55 PM C17 WN5193 β†’ KMDW B738
4:56 PM C13 AA5509 β†’ KPHL CRJ7
4:58 PM B3 DL2976 β†’ KDTW B712
5:00PM to 7:59PM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
5:05 PM A2 UA3973 β†’ KEWR CRJ7
5:05 PM C18 WN3479 β†’ KBWI B737
5:07 PM B4 DL2073 β†’ KSLC B738 @TheDeltaFlyerr
5:14 PM C2 AA371 β†’ KDFW B738 @Etrain
5:14 PM C19 WN4605 β†’ KTPA B737
5:17 PM B9 G42831β†’ KCLE A320
5:20 PM C20 WN3153 β†’ KHOU B737
5:30 PM B8 AS1420 β†’ KSEA A320 @Dylan_M
5:32 PM B5 DL2176 β†’ KATL B739 @InfiniteFlight48
5:39 PM C3 AA2625 β†’ KMIA A320
5:40 PM C21 WN3467 β†’ KDAL B737
5:40 PM C22 WN4200 β†’ KJAX B737
5:45 PM C25 WN2809 β†’ KCLT B738
5:45 PM C4 WN3337 β†’ KSAN B738
5:45 PM C7 WN3942 β†’ KLAX B738
5:45 PM C9 WN4844 β†’ KPNS B737
5:45 PM C14 WN4954 β†’ KMCI B737
5:46 PM A3 UA5387 β†’ KDEN CRJ7
5:53 PM C5 AA3240 β†’ KORD CRJ7
6:01 PM B7 DL3431 β†’ KJFK CRJ9
6:10 PM C15 WN3220 β†’ KSAT B737
6:11 PM A4 UA3419 β†’ KORD E175
6:20 PM C16 WN4236 β†’ KCHS B737
6:20 PM C17 WN5750 β†’ KMSY B737
6:30 PM A6 UA1830 β†’ KIAD A320
6:35 PM C18 WN4071 β†’ KBUR B737 @CAKnights09
6:40 PM C19 WN4995 β†’ KMSP B737
6:50 PM C20 WN3338 β†’ KDCA B737
7:05 PM C21 WN3944 β†’ KEWR B737
7:06 PM B12 F91474 β†’ KLAS A320
7:10 PM C6 AA449 β†’ KCLT A320 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
7:13 PM A7 UA308 β†’ KSFO A320
7:15 PM A8 UA4915 β†’ KEWR CRJ7
7:20 PM B6 B61906 β†’ KBOS A320
7:24 PM C8 AA3021 β†’ KDFW CRJ7
7:25 PM B8 AS1101 β†’ KSFO A320 @GlobalFlyer1
7:50 PM B12 F92011 β†’ KLAS A321
7:50 PM C22 WN2757 β†’ KCLE B737
7:50 PM C25 WN3002 β†’ KCMH B737
7:50 PM C4 WN3554 β†’ KTPA B737
7:50 PM C7 WN4738 β†’ KFLL B738
7:50 PM C9 WN5052 β†’ KLGA B737
7:50 PM C14 WN6572 β†’ KMKE B737
7:55 PM C15 WN2955 β†’ KBOS B737
7:55 PM C16 WN4580 β†’ KATL B737
7:55 PM C17 WN4630 β†’ KMCO B737
7:55 PM C18 WN5232 β†’ KRDU B737 @Gtmkm98
8:00PM to 10:59PM (Completed)
Departure Time Gate Flight & Routea Aircraft User
8:00 PM C8 AA2887 β†’ KPHL A320
8:00 PM C19 WN1643 β†’ KMDW B737 @SSGTRocky
8:10 PM C20 WN3978 β†’ KDTW B737 @Luke_Sta
8:11 PM B9 G42973 β†’ KGRR A320
8:20 PM C21 WN5750 β†’ KMSY B737
8:20 PM C10 AA2202 β†’ KLAX A321
8:20 PM A5 BA222 β†’ EGLL B789 @Captain_JR
8:25 PM C22 WN3667 β†’ KBWI B737 @Shane_Rowan
8:30 PM B12 F9870 β†’ KTTN A320
9:00 PM C25 WN5150 β†’ KDAL B737
9:03 PM B9 G42511 β†’ KSAV A320
9:05 PM C4 WN1555 β†’ KSTL B737
9:25 PM C7 WN3728 β†’ KDEN B737 @Suhas
9:25 PM B11 SY647 β†’ KLAX B738 @Boris_Huang
10:02 PM FR1b FX1620 β†’ KIND MD11
10:30 PM FR2b FX1054 β†’ KGSO MD11


  • ^a: Flight numbers may have changed.
  • ^b: FedEx Cargo Ramp.

Additionally, if anyone’s interested in using a general aviation aircraft or private BBJ/ACJ aircraft, you’re free to come at any time – just be sure to use the GA or cargo parking areas.

Let’s make Nashville busy! See you all there! :)

Β© Larry McCormack

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Final Words:

Big thanks to the groups who decided to partner with this event!


Infinite Aviationβ„’ is a group-run channel that posts all things aviation. @Etrain is the primary owner of the channel and will be streaming on the day of the event. Him and his many viewers will be flying alongside him. Be sure to check out the stream!

Delta Virtual Airlines


Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @anon2063420 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

Since Nashville is a recent focus city addition for the Delta Air Lines network, plenty of members from DLVA will be joining this event to show off their Delta pride!

Southwest Virtual Airlines


Southwest Virtual has been a member of the Infinite Flight Community for almost two years. In our time on the forum, we revolutionized the VA category with a new organization that also puts the focus on virtual passengers with our Booking Department and Rapid Rewards program. But our pilots are still the most important aspect of our VA, which is why our top of the line Flight Operations Department gives pilots everything they need to fly as realistically as possible. Whether you are a pilot or a passenger, this is the perfect VA for you!

Apply Here!

Southwest pilots will also be present to show off their SWA pride. Nashville is an important gateway for Southwest Airlines and has many diverse routes available!


I’ll have DL2644 to DTW in the A319, please! Fantastic looking event as usual. :)

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Not sure if it’s on there, but I’ll take AS1101 to San Francisco with the A320!

Great event and hope to see you there!

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May I have DL 2886 to SeaTac departing at 7:40am? Thanks

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Thank you for hosting this Nathan! Can’t wait, hopefully there’s a big turnout!

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@MrMrMan @GlobalFlyer1 @Delta319, you guys have all been added. Thanks for joining!


For now, I’m gonna take both the SW 738 to KDEN at 11:45 and the SW 737 to KFLL at 4. Thanks and see you then!


Alright, I added you. :)


8:35 am to KDAL, 1:05 to KJAX, and 5:45 to KLAX please!! Woohoo!


Great options! I added you to all.

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Hmm… if I COMPLETELY grinded I could squeeze in 5:05 am to MCO, then 6:35 am to STL, and THEN do my 8:35 to KDAL, and then maybe I could do a 10:45 am to Boston, then my 1:05 to JAX, a 3:05 to TPA, and then 5:45 to LAX… for now can you add me to all of thoseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’m gonna get some good hours for SWVA lol. I’ll let you know if I can’t come to some legs.

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I’m gonna win the award for most flights out of the event. That’s 7 right?πŸ˜‚

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You’re crazy! That’ll be a fun day!

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I hope you can pull all those off.

Can I get C9 WN4681 @1400 to KMCO and C19 WN1643 @ 2000 to KMDW I will be repping Southwest Virtual as SWVA1013.

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Great, I added you to those flights.

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I hope I can tooπŸ˜‚

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I’ll also take the 8:10 PM to DTW, and the 9:20 AM to KECP. Thanks!
All on southwest

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C2 to CLT pls AA CRJ7

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