{CLOSED} NAS Oceana Airshow & Trans Atlantic Flyout - 232200ZDEC17

Server: Casual

Airport: KNTU

Time: 22:00Z-23:30Z

NOTAM: Event hosted by OSDF va and it’s partners, this event will feature an airshow prior to a trans-Atlantic flight to Europe. Our airshow will feature several talented performances by members of OSDFva and many others. The flyout event will take place immediately after the last airshow performance, (If the KC-10 update is out) then OSDF will be flying to our base in England (EGUL), feel free to join us! We are always looking for partners to cooperate with us and looking for pilots to fly trans Atlantic and or perform in our community airshow!

Performers :
-OSDF F16C Viper Demo
-USAF Heritage Flight
-OSDF Airpower Demo

Partners :


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