(Closed) Naha Base Air Festival @ROAH 14-161300ZDEC18

Hi there! On the 15th and 16th December 2018 please come down to Naha airport in Japan, and participate in this air show. Not many air shows are held in Japan on Infinite Flight so this will be a treat. Everyone is welcome. It is a two day show to cater all potential participants. Friday the 14th will be arrivals day and rehearsal practice day.

•How the Friday 14th will work
Friday 14th December will be the Arrivals day as well as rehearsal day. If you are arriving, please clear the runway as soon as possible, for other potential arrivals or rehearsals. Arriving aircraft please check, using your map that there are no aircraft rehearsing. If there is, please hold clear of the airspace until the rehearsal has concluded.

Rehearsal aircraft, arriving aircraft have priority over you, so before entering the runway, please check to see if there is any nearby aircraft inbound. If so, please let them come in first.

Friday will be on the Casual server.

Server: Casual Server (all days)

Airport: ROAH

Airshow date: December 15/16 December 2018
Start: 1300Z

Aircraft: Any aircraft you want


•No trolling
•Only sign up if you are sure that you can come
•Flying Participants be assigned a gate on the west side of the airfield.
•Never fly at the same time as another display
•Line up and wait on the runway as soon as the performer has landed and once they have exited the runway, you may takeoff
•If you are a spectator, please respect the show and others and don’t spoil it
• if you are just spectating, please spawn on the east side of the airfield
•If you are wanting to be a spectator in a specific aircraft, please let me know and I’ll assign you a gate on the east side of the airfield.
•Display teams/VA’s are allowed

Below is the flying schedule, please specify if you would like to perform on both days or just one of your choice.

Flying Schedule:

1300Z: 737-700 (Morgan99)
1320Z: 787-10 Boeing VA(@Delta_Airlines_One)
1340Z: F18 (@Pilotcorn09)
1400Z: C130J-30 (@Skyler.Cooper)
1420Z: 777 (@Hinata & @SimpleWaffles)
1440Z: A380 (@anon85121229)
1500Z: 737BBJ Boeing VA (@cbrooks531)
1520Z: 787-8 (Morgan99)
1540Z: F22 (@Pilotcorn09)
1600Z: Spitfire (@Skyler.Cooper)
1620Z: Q400 (Morgan99)
1740Z: C130J (Morgan99)
1800Z: C17 (@Skyler.Cooper)
1920Z: 747-8F Boeing VA (@Delta_Airlines_One)
1940Z: F16 Demo (Morgan99)

GATE 100: @Hinata
GATE 101: @SimpleWaffles
GATE 102 @anon85121229
GATE 103
GATE 104: @Skyler.Cooper
GATE 105: Morgan99
GATE 105A: @Pilotcorn09
GATE 105B: @cbrooks531
GATE 105C: @Delta_Airlines_One

Hope to see you there!


I will take 1400z in Herc J-30 & 1600z in sptifire

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Sounds good see you then!

The ICAO is ROAH not ROAC just saying

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My mistakes, has been changed

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Just a reminder that the airshow is tomorrow.


Attention all,

Please find your gates allocated above

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If you need spaces filled i can perform a C-17 Demo at 1800z

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Yes please! Thanks I’ll add you now

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The gate you have been assigned is yours for the day, so spawn in there.

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Can I take 14:20?@morgan99
If not I’ll be spectating!
I am so happy Japan is getting and airshow!!
And is there a discord server?
And it’s starting in like two hours right?

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Starts in 2.5 hrs

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I will take the 1420 a380


At 1420Z I’ll take a gate for display in an ANA 777-200ER.


You most certainly can take 14.20, what aircraft would you be displaying?

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Can I give you the 1440Z slot? purely because someone else asked first.

Any chance of a different available slot, because 1420 slot has already been taken.

Ok,then I’ll take the 1440 slot.


I’m just gonna do a fly by so maybe @simplewaffles can take like 10 min off my slot?

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Since @SimpleWaffles is taking out the ANA B772 I’mma go and take out the rival JAL B772;)