[CLOSED] @ N/A (Tower and Ground) on TS1 - MrMrMan ATC Tracking Thread


Great job! You did amazing (definitely better than me) I was gonna say you messed up on pushback but you corrected that so 10/10


Thank you for the feedback! I noticed that before I clear people to do anything (pushback, taxi, takeoff, etc) I need to make sure the area around them (and above them) will allow them to do so. Every time I practice ATC I always see little things I can improve upon to make myself better. Everyone on here helps with that too!


Now open @ EDDL on TS1! Pattern work allowed! I’ll be open for the next hour based on demand.


In the time I was open, I had 4 departures. EDDL Tower and Ground now closed, good day! I’ll reopen sometime later.


I’ll stop by, N952SE


Thanks @KSEEaviation! Love it when the community stops by :)


Did great! Just remember once you’ve cleared me for right/left traffic, there isn’t a need to say it again for a future clearance. For example:

N952SE cleared for takeoff, runway 10, right tfc.

Then once you give me a clearance for the option for runway 10, there isn’t a need to say “right traffic” again. Just a “rnwy 10 cleared the option” will work. But if I switch runways then you give me another direction of traffic instruction.

Those IFATC testers will get you for that 👊😆


Yeah! N232TQ (@Ethan_Chloe123) , good friend of mine IRL, he was texting me too saying the same thing. I remembered that there was something I could leave out, I just forgot what it was. Thanks for the feedback!



  • You could work on anticipated seperation. I’m refering to when aircraft A took off from 05R and you told aircraft B to line up and wait 05R when aircraft A was above 70knts.

Separate a departing aircraft from a preceding departing or arriving aircraft using the same runway by ensuring that it does not begin takeoff roll…

Go to page 150 of this page to continue reading: https://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/order/atc.pdf

  • You told me to make right traffic 05R on my second touch and go clearance after I already did my first touch and go on 05R, that is incorrect.

I would look at the following tutorial and watch for how Tyler clears an aircraft when they are remaining in the pattern for the same runway:


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.


On my way now! Excited to get some landings and help a fellow member out!


I am on my way…!!!


KLAX Tower and Ground open on TS1. Pattern work allowed as always :)


Jum that’s the real challenge right there. Not because pattern work or atc stuff but people 🙄


I really appreciate the fact that you are allowing pattern work to train unlike the other thread from another user that seems pointless… (while i may not suggest LAX to do so haha). wish i could come by, soon enough sir!


Just wanted to inform anyone who sees this that I successfully passed both IFATC tests, and I will now be moving on to professional controlling. I thank everyone who has helped me along in this adventure and who has given me feedback, kind or not. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you again!