[CLOSED] @ N/A (Tower and Ground) on TS1 - MrMrMan ATC Tracking Thread


I’m opening EDDL tower and ground for feedback and to practice my Air Traffic Controlling. Pattern work available. I would appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. I’ll be open for the next hour based on traffic and demand.



I would recommend making it a tracking thread if you plan on opening regularly.

[Open] @ EDDL (Tower and Ground) on TS1 - MrMrMan ATC Tracking Thread


Thanks! Changed it now.


How did it go?
It looks like you didn’t get any feedback. Did you get some traffic?

Will you be controlling around the same time tomorrow?


It went pretty good. I didn’t have any pattern work, I just had 1 landing and 2 takeoffs. I’m not sure I’ll be on much tomorrow, and if I am, it’ll be later in the day, around 5PM MDT.


17:00 MDT is 01:00 CET. I’ll be sound asleep by then 🙂


We’ll definitely see, I don’t know when I’ll be open. I’ll give a warning on this thread and mark it OPEN.


EDDL Tower and Ground back open! I’ll be open for the next hour based on demand. Everyone welcome to join on TS1! Pattern work allowed! Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated!


I’ll be there NSAM15


Sounds good! Thanks!


I’ll stop by. N952SE


Thank you! Appreciated!


My game crashed 🙄🙄 I was K-PDX


You’re all good! I figured that’s what happened. Thanks for coming anyway!


Hey MrMan my game crashed at the end :(

Everything was on point: Pattern entries, sequence and clearance. Just at the beginning I was gonna say the pushback but you did corrected it rapidly so everything else was very good.
You should take the IFATC Test.

Keep it up,
Sebastian NSAM15


I agree. You did very well! I highly recommend taking the IFATC tests! If you don’t feel quite ready for that, though, you can contact an IFATC trainer.


Thank you! I noticed right as I cleared you for pushback that I shouldn’t have and that was my mistake. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!


Thanks Reese! I am planning on taking the IFATC tests, I just have to get my ops up! Thanks for the feedback!


Awesome! Good luck getting into IFATC!


EDDL Tower and Ground now closed. Thank you to everyone who came out! I appreciate the feedback, and I definitely noticed some things I need to work on myself. I’ll definitely open sometime tomorrow, probably in the latter half of the day.