[CLOSED @N/A | @ouzi's ATC Tracking Thread

Hello all,
this is my first ATC tracking thread, I want to practice and add my skills in ATC.
With this thread, I want to be part of IFATC.

ouzi's ATC Tracking Thread



Pattern work: Yes

Estimated next airport:

If you come to Airport that i have controlled above, Please follow the Instructions, and I certainly hope to remain Realistic.
-Any feedback and suggestion are appreciated! Let me know where’s my fault while controlling :)

Be sure to make this topic are Watching for you, because I hope that many can come when I control Are appreciated ;)

  • Thank you

hello all, in 20 minutes i will open in TNCM, be sure to come and do some pattern and fly to closest airport :)

Edit 1:
Now TNCM has been open for 45 minutes, welcome to come

Status: Closed

Airport: TNCM

Pattern work: Yes

Edit 2:
TNCM Tower is now closed, welcome to give criticism and suggestions if you want and come
Estimated next airport: EDDM

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