[Closed] Mysterious Aircraft @ KHAF - 232050ZJUL16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KHAF

Time: 2050Z

NOTAM: A British Airways A319 is not responding to ATC instructions and is taxiing randomly around KHAF. It’s callsign is IFIA215 (Infinite Flight Independent Airline Aircraft) In the case that the aircraft takes off, we need some fighters at KHAF to intercept the aircraft immediately. If you are joining, please change your callsign to Escort (Number)

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Coming right over to intercept!

Coming to intercept, I can get some fighters.

4 fighters came, 2 of them crashed, and the other two of them (@a380fan and @Mats_Edvin_Aaro) stayed on the tail.

The aircraft took of and mysteriously done a pattern around the airport, with proper speeds and procedures, but on the ILS to runway 30, the aircraft lost control and went right into a mountain, killing all on board. Investigators found the flight data recorder and it was confirmed that the First Officer knocked out the Captain while the aircraft was still on the ground, took off and committed suicide.

The Infinite Flight Independent Airline was massively affected by the attack, due to less passengers travelling the airline because of less trust of the airline.

The airline lost 28% of it’s revenue. The First Officer flying the aircraft was known as incredibly friendly and happy with his life (According to his Wife and 3 children) But this made no sense.



Ohh dear, whilst we managed to stay on your tail we could not stop the aircraft crashing. Rest in peace to all onboard.

Could you post these a bit earlier, I was outside and didnt know about this.
If I knew about this I would have joined. Well sounded like a lot of fun.

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