[CLOSED] My Final Live Flight! @ KLAS - 190100ZAPR18

Server: Training

Region: Las Vegas Valley Area

Airport: KLAS

Time: 0500PDT / 0100Z / 2400UTC

NOTAM: Bring your Aircraft over to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area for my final flight on Live! I hope to see you all there! I’ve had to unsubscribe from live due to reasons, and this will be my final flight. See you tomorrow! No gate assignments, just fun, free flying! (I’m just doing this to have fun, not to act like a big shot or something, just want to have an event before I’m gone.)


Cool! I might join! -NonBinarySkyYT- Sky

It may be advisable to follow the below guidelines for the event title -

Thank you :)

Sorry, I didn’t read that. I’ll fix it.

Just a tip, might want to add gates and UTC ZULU time for everyone to understand and know where they should spawn in, goodluck.

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