[CLOSED] My Birthday Celebration @ KLAX - 070100ZFEB17

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California Region

Airport: KLAX-KSAN

Airplanes: Any fighter/military related plane you would like!

Date: February 7th, 2017

Time: 8:00pm est.

NOTAM: We will be celebrating my birthday! I will be coming in Air Force One when all of you will be escorting me from KLAX-KSAN.

This is the earliest scheduled event I’ve ever seen. I also fixed the title to fit the #live:events category.


should I schedule this later in the year?

That would be better, but I guess you can keep it unless mods say otherwise.

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alright then. Thanks for the feedback, @CptNathanHope

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Ok I’ve consulted @MishaCamp before, he said the best would be 2 weeks in advance… I don’t know about you but I have events scheduled in August and I can’t wait to reveal them :3

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Yeah because like this the event will be buried by the amount of topics by then

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Maybe he’ll use a shovel every few days or so… or maybe when the event does come… I’d roll on the floor and laugh like mad if this thread gets closed for necroposting! 😂


You do have a point, Benny

Btw, Benny, I’m JakeFlorida_0432 but a mod changed my IF community name to Plane_Masta

As others have said - it’s better to plan this closer to the time :)

This post will likely get buried between now and then and you’ll have a lower turnout rate. 2 weeks before the event would be perfect timing for this thread.