[Closed] Muscat to Dubai! @OOMS-041800ZJAN20

Hello everyone. Today I will host my first group flight of 2020 on this short route from OOMS, Muscat, to OMDB, Dubai. This was the most requested route from my poll for this group flight. Would be helpful if you have discord

Aircrafts and Airlines that fly this route:

  • Emirates A380
  • Emirates 772/3
  • Fly Dubai 737-800
  • Oman Air 787-8
  • Swiss Air A330

Cruise FL240 or FL260
Flightplan: OOMS 2347N/5821E MS803 DAPOK 2417N/5706E SOLUD PUXIL GISMO 2450N/5620E MIVEK IMPED DB520 DB518 DB517 VUTON DB515 DB514 DB513 GIRGO VELAR RIDEV DB508 DB507 DB506 DB505 DB504 ULDOT SEDPO OMDB

Time of Departure: 1800Z

Server: Expert

Additional Information:
-This flight is around 1 hour long. Please spawn in 10 minutes before departure time. Right now we plan to depart of 08L from OOMS on the DAPO1S departure where we will fly northwest and arrive in Dubai on 30L on the IMPE1C arrival. If the winds change and the runway in use changes, I will post a new route with the new runways in use.

-If you are able to come, please comment your callsign and the aircraft and airline you will be using. Please let me know if you have discord to chat before and during our flight.

-Please respect Unicom

Ground Chart for OOMS

Ground Chart for OMDB

Feedback would be much appreciated and hope that you can come :)


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