[Closed] Mulheim Inifinite Flight Airshow @ EDLE - 141207ZMAY16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Amsterdam

Airport: EDLE

Time: 1207Z

NOTAM: Read Schedule for Events You’re Intersted In Participating In

Hey guys, ready for the new annual MULHEIM AIRSHOW!? On May 14 at 8:00 am New York time, spawn at Mulheim Airport for the new annual May event! Airshow schedule is below. It will last two hours long. Hope to see you there!


1142Z: Spawning Time Begins: You don’t need to show up this early, just a suggestion.
1157Z: Pre-event Show: I’ll fly in a couple of airliners to commence the start of the airshow.
1204Z: Spawning Time Closes: Don’t show up later than this.
1208Z: Ruhr River Dash: We’ll race Cessna 208s down the Ruhn. I’ll plan how far later on.
1238Z: High Flying Fighter Contest: Takeoff on the runway at Mulheim and fly as high as possible. If you crash, just spawn in your favorite plane and spectate the contest survivors. After everyone flies high enough, try landing your fighter.
1308Z: Jetliner Limbo: Fly low over the land/water. Takeoff and head due north, there’s a lot of flat land that direction.
1338Z: No Autopilot Jetliner Landing Contest: Can you land a huge A380 without autopilot? It’s challenging for me as well!
1407Z: Closing Ceremony, Flipping Fighters: I’ll fly a couple airliners out, and we’ll all celebrate while we try to do a front pivot flip I’d done on Solo.


7:00 AM on a Saturday!😯

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Meaning it’ll last until 9 am your time. You could always just participate in an event near the end if you’re not an early bird like me.

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That is what I’ll do. I will miss the first hour and maybe half.

I can’t make it early on, it’ll be 6am, but I’ll try to make it sometime in the last hour

The schedule is out, go and check it out! @SWAPWLA, just mentioning you for your attention to please look at the schedule and see what you’ll miss and be able to make.

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Um… Baseball torneyment, sorry

Meaning, you can’t make it, or did I make a mistake?

I can’t make it,

Hopefully more people will come. If you last minute can come, like if it rains, you know where to find us.

Yes sir I will.

that photo is so professional i just can’t

Just a normal IF screenshot with a few words handwritten on it. Nothing special, just an advertisement to make it look pretty.

was sarcastic but i hope the air show goes well =p

If you can and would like to, you can always pop in. Not forcing anyone.

I will be there but it will be 4:00AM Vegas time😉

Friendly Correction: It’ll be 5:00 AM, but okay.


Welcome to the Airshow. At this time, registration will be open. If you don’t like waiting, you may spawn in fifteen minutes time. Event is on FFS.

@SWAPWLA & @Bmxlifetho, ready to fly? Anyone ready? Pre-event show is starting.