[CLOSED]More Zello ATC @ TNCM - 131643ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1643Z On Saturday

First of all, stop calling me on Zello, I’ve temporarily disconnected my Zello channel. You guys have been so wanting another Zello session, @Captain_Infinite, and some Josh person, you’ve gotten your wish. Saturday afternoon will be when it happens. For anyone who wants to come but didn’t access my channel, it’s called Infinite Flight-CBaccari. We’ll do it in a more scenic location, Sint Maarten. Zello will be active for forty-five minutes, until 1728Z.


great stuff i will definitly be there!!

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Two and a half hours until event commences.

Can I join, what time is it bst?

Would you like me to come? I will have to get another subscription and that specific region but it’s no problem!

@Temidayo_Ekundayo it’s 1743 BST
@JGK00 you can come.

Would you like me to help with ATC ask @Captain_Infinite what he thought of my ATC for reference if you wish

I think I can handle the ATC. I appreciate you wanting to help, though.
I’ll get prepared at the airport and unlock Zello soon.

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Roger that I’ll give you my Deatails:

Callsign: EI-SAC
Type: C172P
Position: Taxiway “F” short of 10/28
Note will call for engine start and will remain in the pattern!

@Captain_Infinite time for ATC!

Where is the event and what sever?

Casual TNCM, it’s in description.

15 minutes left!

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Aw, that sucks. Maybe another time.

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Closing in five minutes, anyone want to get in a quick takeoff?

Pretty much closed now.

I keep missing these events because I’m not getting the email notifications through so sorry guys I’m pretty annoyed because I really enjoy these zello events. If you could tag me in the next one just tag or inbox me and I’ll be there on the next one 100%

Next one will be in a week.