[CLOSED] More Zello ATC @ KOSH - 202050ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: Oshkosh

Airport: KOSH

Time: 2050Z Saturday

Hey guys, it’s me back for some more Zello ATC this Saturday! Join my Zello channel Infinite Flight-CBaccari if you haven’t. Come on and enjoy service in the rare used Oshkosh region. I will control from 2050Z-2135Z this Saturday.


Great stuff @C_Baccari would you like any help ATC wise?
@Captain_Infinite what do you reckon!

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Can’t wait for this! Defo jump on the ATC sham it’ll be like a real airport then 🙈 @JGK00

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I’d already invited him to this topic. He now got two notifications.


Yeah!! Will join for sure

Reminder, event is in four hours & forty minutes @ KOSH.

What time will that be British time if you know so I can be there :)

It will be 21:50 BST.

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thanks bro ill see you then :)

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I’ll see if I can join, definitely a unique idea and will hopefully see you there!

I will try to join.

I got the beer ready let’s get this show on the road.

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I’ll be there in 7 mins :p Delta 99

Event is now on!

Nice callsign there @AR_AR XD

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This event is now closed. Next Saturday we will have another Zello ATC that I’ll post another time.

It’s not unique, this is my third Zello event, and Zello has been around for awhile.

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This was actually pretty good. Nice job. Sorry I couldn’t announce inbound there until short final right before you closed. Freq was too busy and I got throttled for “too many empty messages” trying to get a call in.

Lol, you were getting your own callsign mixed up. Then @Daniel_Cerritos was being a peanut, lol.

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Yeah I think we should just say ‘UFO’ like ‘KLM’ and not phonetic. :D