[CLOSED] More ATC Practice! KORD, TS1

I’ll have Ground and Tower open at KORD for a while! Come on by and challenge my ATC skills!

Take a few laps around the pattern or start a new cross-country trip. The more, the merrier!

Constructive Criticism welcome.

See you there!

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Hey I was the 208 N824JB so two things I noticed so when I asked to takeoff I wasn’t quite at the runway and that’s something just to keep any eye out for trolls I see a lot of controllers do that… also you should say contact ground not ping me from ground

Thanks for coming by!

As far as I’m aware, as it goes in the real world, once you exit the runway, you must contact ground unless instructed otherwise, even if not specifically instructed to contact ground. That may be something you have to clarify with a trainer.

I gave you the takeoff clearance because there were no inbound aircraft for that runway and no aircraft ahead of you in line. If you’re not ready for takeoff, don’t ask, and if you asked when someone was ahead of you I would have let you know, but you were totally cleared to takeoff at your leisure so I issued the clearance. I don’t believe there were any incorrectly issued instructions.

I would like to mention, however, that you did not follow my pattern entry instructions. I wanted you to change to 10R so your pattern did not intersect with the jets that were making left traffic for 09L. Is there a reason you dismissed my instructions and continued to 15?

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Hey as far as I have read all seems good. I’ll come by now mate.

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Whenever I have got some real world flying time tower usually says taxi to jet aviation or whatever via … contact ground when able

Also, when I control I just usually double check because there are so many trolls and it’s a good idea on TS1 to do so when your controlling a crowded airport.

Yes, because before I had requested touch and goes I requested 15 and you gave it to me and that would result in a runway change because you cleared my for touch and go for 15

I did not clear you for 15 the second time around. After you took off, I instructed you to change runways and you ignored it. You need a clearance for each time around the pattern.

Again, if you don’t receive taxi instructions after landing, exit the runway and contact ground.

It sure if you disconnected from the internet or I did but you disappeared! 😮

Oh I don’t remember you giving me the rnwy change and if u did change me why didn’t u acknowledge that and tell me to go around if I was landing at the wrong rnwy

At the time being, there were no nearby aircraft, so a collision wasn’t a hazard. You did respond to my runway change instructions… all three of them that I sent. But when you brushed over my runway change and continued to 15, then requested 15, I cleared you for 15 and was going to issue the runway change again if you continued in the pattern. Make sure you read what ATC sends you 😋
No worries, man. It all worked out alright! No risk of a midair collision at the time being!

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So I asked someone they said you should say exit runway and contact ground

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I think they miss understood what you said regarding the exit runway. Did he on guard you from the ground frequency? If so you are right… You should always give them a exit runway command informing them when to contact the ground frequency or tell them to contact the ground frequency from tower. :)


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