Closed - Moonlit's Approach Training Tracking Thread

Hey all! As you may know, I am a member of IFATC and currently training to become an approach controller. Over the next weeks I will be opening in different airports, training seperation, terrain awareness, and the different kinds of approaches.

Please behave in a forum worthy manner and follow all instructions! Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who comes, it’s very appreciated :)


Come fly radar patterns as well as ILS or visual approaches! See you there! I will also be providing departure for people wishing to leave the airspace.

Does it have an end?

Just opened at LSZH! Come fly radar patterns and ILS as well as visual approaches or arrive/depart!

You mean when I’m done controlling today?

Yes, most of them close.

Well, I will close eventually, but I will be open for an hour or a little more than that. We all have to close at some point ;)

Okay, thanks for responding!

No problem at all! Come by if you like or have the time :)

Will be open at LSZH for about one more hour.

Awesome, that means I can come!

My Callsign Is RBB

Nice, I see you at Bern! Thanks for coming :)

Aaah this is awkward, I spawned and got up to 15,000ft.
Then my dad called for my dinner, i’ll try to eat quickly so that I can some help. :)

Haha no worries. If you do make it - see you there!

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I’m coming from Geneva with callsign TP47. I’ll do some touch & go :)

Awesome! See you there!

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Just so you guys know - either the pilots on the ground or the tower controller are being a pain, as we’ve got planes taking off from basically all six sides of the runway. What I will do is try and make sure you get a proper approach :)

When I was on final for 14 there was a Swiss plane ahead of me taking off on runway 32 -_-

Anyways, that was great controlling you left enough space behind for me to vacate the runway and the aircraft behind could safely land.
Whenever you have your test, good luck!

Yeah, the previous tower controller was a bit iffy. There’s an explanation about that above :)

Thank you for coming, it’s appreciated!

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@Btp91 I see you took over tower at Zurich?

Yes, you need someone to regulate the traffic inside the airport