[CLOSED] Monthly Touch and Goes @ SAZS - 121855ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Río Negro

Airport: SAZS

Time: 1855-2025Z

NOTAM: Allowed aircraft: Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus, Spitfire, Super Dimage

As you may know, we recently received a scenery update for Infinite Flight. However, South America was the only continent besides Antarctica to be ignored.

I have posted Airport of the Month for FIVE MONTHS, and haven’t done anything special for the monthly airports besides posting one after another. That’s going to change.

Too many violations? Looking for extra landings? Enjoying the Airport of the Month? You’re all invited for a ninety minute session of touch and goes! Join in whenever you’d like between 1855-2025Z to participate in TOUCH AND GOES to celebrate the end of an Airport of the Month. NO AIRBUSES, BOEINGS, or EMBRAERS. Also, HAVE FUN.

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