[CLOSED]Monthly Flyout!

[CLOSED] Monthly fly out!

Is this a #live:events post?

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Umm I’d put some more effort and organization into your event
Also u need to put the correct format in your title
Also the last Delta 744 Flight IRL happened quite a while ago

Read this below

This could help u lay out basic essential information for your event.
Fill out the details in the area I circled in red and the area I circled in the blue is what u did in the red will look like to the IFC

So what u r missing.

  • Correct Format title
  • Effort and organization to your event
  • Knowledge for making an event

Oh quick note,this is not the first monthly flyout
We have many fly outs this month Infact I made one.
U should call the event something else

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I know but I don’t thick there was ever a IF event for it

Well there was an event 😉
It was a DLVA event from a RKSI-KDTW alongside the flight irl!


Please follow the format for an event, and include some more detail in your post.


Monthly Fly out? is that the actual title? I’m confused

If you don’t mind try reading this so it can help you with planning your events🙂 credit @MishaCamp for the link

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