[CLOSED] Miracle on the Hudson @ KLGA - 152030ZJAN18

Hey everyone!

On This Day In History: Miracle On The Hudson [2009] See More Here Expert Server requirments have been increased and your ratio of landings to violations must be at least 2:1. This leaves all of us with exessive violations “grounded” to TS1. Touch and goes at KLGA will solve the problem.

Server: Training

Region: New York

Airport: KLGA

Date: 15 JAN 2018

Time: 2030Z

NOTAM: There will be pattern work available. Runway 4 will be in use. Please follow all ATC instructions.

Aircraft: Airbus A320 US Airways Livery

Airport Info:

ATC (please request in the comments below ASAP with which frequencies you would like to control)
KLGA GND - @_emospain

No Gate Reservations, Just Come In And Fly Some Traffic Pattern

Sorry this came out so late. Hope everyone can come.


Just curious, this is the training server. How do you plan on ghosting?


No worries. Just remember to make it ahead of time next time. Cheers!

  1. Sounds like a great event but I don’t think I can make it.

  2. I’m not sure you can enforce a NOTAM on TS1 with ghosting…

  3. I hope the event goes well!

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well i saw @ballonchaser post so i decide to create this last minute

fixed it now
but still follow atc

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Just because @Balloonchaser made a topic regarding the “Miracle on the Hudson”, that doesn’t mean you have to make an event about it. But it is your choice and I hope you have a swell time and most of all, don’t have to pull off a Sully landing.

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what i mean is i saw it and it inspired me to quickly put together this event.

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I did a similar event for a 9/11 Memorial Flight… An idea would be to do a Cirrus Formation flight over the Hudson (Or do a US Airways Formation Flight) :)

will you come? lol!!

I can maybe take LGA TWR. Maybe.

I have a event right now #HawaiianVirtualFlight.


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I can do approach if it is still available

ok but it is a touch and go event so you will need to be vectoring people around. will you be doing APP, DEP or both.

I’ll be there! Looking forward

Starting in 11MINS…

who’s ready for some touch and goes at KLGA. Just spawned at gate 37. ATC?

Only need ground now

yes we will wait for ground and a few more pilots to join

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enough time to pour myself a whiskey. Good thing I’m not a real pilot…