[CLOSED] Milkruns for days! @ YMML - 112320ZNOV17

Server: Training

Region: I have never heard such a word

Route: YMML - YSSY

Time: 7:30 EST 4:30 PT

Flight Info

Cruise altitude 31,000 ft ASL
climb speed below 10,000ft: 248kts
climb speed above 10,000ft: 300kts
cruise speed. M.80
departure VS 2500
Descent VS 2000

Flight plan

fpl 1

We will be using gates C1 - B26 at YMML and I will take any aircraft as long as it’s Australian and can make the journey


C01 - @obsidianflyer - Jetstar A320 Leader
C02- @Joseph_Krol - Qantaslink 717
C03 - @Daniel14 - Jetstar A320
C04 - @AustralianFlyer - Jetstar A320
C07 - @The_Geniusman
C08 - @Miguel_Ortiz - Qantas 787-9
C09 -
C10 - @ZZBossGaming - Tigerair A319 - Callsign “Tigerair 219”
C11A - @anon31652286 - Tigerair A319
C12 - @AllegiantAir - Jetstar A320
B21 - @Jimmily - Qantaslink 717
B22 - @bawariawien Jetstar A320
B23 -
B24 - @mkafula - Jetstar 787
B25 - @MEJRC - Jetstar A320
B26 - @IFlyHigh_190 - Tigerair A319


Melbourne Ground - @Ishan_S
Melbourne Tower - @Boeing747-8
Melbourne Departure -
Sydney Approach -
Sydney Tower -


You know what? I’ll have a gate. Qantas Link Boeing 717-200, please.

Cool! You can have Gate A2

Put me down in a Jetstar A320 I should be able to make it. If I can’t I will let you know.

I’ll come in a Jetstar A320.

Put me down for a Qantas 767

@AustralianFlyer and @GolferRyan roger that

I can come just what date is it?

i think for you it’s the 12th of november at 11:30am. So sunday in 2 weeks

I’ll take a gate! Jetstar B787-8 and how long is this flight going to be?

I’ll take a gate Jetstar a320 plz

Like 2 hours…

Because Melbourne to Sydney is a very popular route


We need a medium size plane to carry a lot of people on popular routes

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Because he is a free human who can make his own decisions and wishes to fly a 789 to Sydney. He really doesn’t need a further explanation.

Also there is a 16 MILE journey by a 787 in the Congo. Check it out. Might be worth replicating.
Good day.


Bro, you put down the wrong plane, mine is suppose to be a JETSTAR B787-8 not a Qantas 789

FYI Milkrun is a commonly known military reference to strafing runs.

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I’ll have a gate please in a Tigerair A319

done that! you are in

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It’s also slang for a very popular short flight