[Closed] Milk Run @ KSEA - 111900ZOCT15

All of us at the Infinite Flight ATC Center would like to welcome you to our first ever event taking place in the Seattle region. With real live voice ATC we promise very realistic ATC services on the ZELLO app!


Date: Sunday October 11th 2015

Time: 19:00–21:00 GMT

From: KSEA Seattle International

To: KPDX Portland International

Aircraft/Airline: Any american airline you wish! Nothing larger than a A330-300

Servers: FREE FLIGHT SERVER (rules enforced)

Channel: Infinite Flight ATC Center


Departure: KSEA BANGR SEVEN (RNAV) (DP) - FlightAware

Arrival: From JORAD>KPDX HHOOD THREE (RNAV) (STAR) - FlightAware

We hope to see you guys there!!!


Solo mode only? Why is that? Also, could you edit your title to fit with the guidelines for me though. Thanks!((:

Philippe put out some guidelines about event titles here

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Solo mode because we are a new service that does not yet have the best Radar! And what do you mean by change the title? What should i change it to?

Actually Free Flight Server would work

Follow the link I just gave you and go from there. It’s very easy to follow ((:

There we go thanks for that! First event post on the forums

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Your saying @KLAX and you depart KSEA?

Oh gosh i’m so sorry

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Its fixed now

Awesome! Fits in perfectly now. Thanks!

I will be there to try it out

Is GMT a time mode

Can I use a 777-200

Dis the zello server up yet

There is no Zello server. U can use a 777-200. And GMT is standard aviation time!