(CLOSED)Military formation flight @EGLL 191200ZMar19

Please join me on my first group flight we will be dong a military formation flight from EGLL to EHAM just a short hop please join me thanks

Any military aircraft

Route EGLL to EDDF

8:00 EDT 1200 zulu


  • Additional Information:

1200Z was 11 hours and 24 minutes ago…

so sorry I am bad on my conversions what would it actually be @David_Beckett

Currently it is 2345Z. You can host a group flight at any time within the next 3 hours (any time between now and 0245Z on the 20th of March). If you want to organise a flight further in advance it becomes a full event rather than a group flight.

If you want to convert from one time zone to another, just use Google. Typing “0800GDT to UTC” will give you the equivalent Zulu time.

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